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Malaysian man files a fake robbery report to avoid giving allowances to wife

A 29-year-old man from Terengganu, Malaysia, falsely reported a robbery to evade providing allowances to his wife after depleting his salary.

However, subsequent investigation revealed the fabrication and uncovered his three prior drug-related offenses.



MALAYSIA: A 29-year-old man from Terengganu, filed a false police report claiming he was robbed to escape providing allowances to his wife due to running out of salary.

The incident occurred on Jalan Ibok-Paman at 4:20 pm, where the man alleged he was robbed by two individuals on a motorcycle, as reported by Harian Metro.

Kemaman District Police Chief, Superintendent Hanyan Ramlan, revealed that the suspect also stated he was threatened with a knife by two men wearing black jackets and full-face helmets during the purported robbery.

“Furthermore, he stated that he couldn’t identify the motorcycle registration number of the robbers, but he reported a loss of RM1,500 in cash, a gold chain, and a gold locket worth RM700,” he said.

However, upon further investigation, the suspect eventually admitted that the robbery had not taken place.

He had fabricated the report because he had already spent his salary and could not afford to provide spending money to his wife.

“The man also admitted that the alleged stolen gold chain had actually been pawned at a jewelry store and had not yet been redeemed,” he said, adding that the suspect worked as a hardware store assistant.

It was discovered that the suspect had three prior records related to drug offences.

As a result, he has been detained for further investigation into the false report and his previous criminal activities.

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