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International drug syndicate linked to former police officer uncovered in Lampung, Indonesia

Indonesian authorities have cracked an international drug ring, implicating former police officer AKP Andri Gustami, raising questions about law enforcement integrity.



INDONESIA: Indonesian authorities have successfully dismantled an international drug syndicate connected to Fredy Pratama, according to the Directorate of Narcotics Criminal Investigation (Dittipidnarkoba) under the National Police Criminal Investigation Agency (Bareskrim Polri).

The operation, which led to the arrest of 39 individuals, including former South Lampung Police Narcotics Chief Adjunct Police Commissioner (AKP) Andri Gustami, has drawn significant public attention.

The Chief of the Lampung Regional Police (Kapolda), Inspector General (Irjen) Helmy Santika, revealed that AKP Andri Gustami played a pivotal role in facilitating the transportation of methamphetamine through Bakauheni Port.

“From our investigations, AKP AG was involved in aiding the smuggling of methamphetamine through Bakauheni Port,” stated Helmy on Friday (15 Sep).

Meanwhile, the Director of the Directorate of Narcotics Investigation (Ditresnarkoba) at the Lampung Regional Police, Commissioner General (Kombes) Erlin Tangjaya, disclosed that Andri had direct connections with Muhammad Rivaldo Miliandri G Silondae, also known as Kif, who served as Fredy Pratama’s right-hand man.

In the operation against Fredy Pratama’s drug network, Lampung Regional Police apprehended 26 suspects and seized a staggering 329 kilograms of methamphetamine.

Currently, AKP Andri Gustami has been designated as a suspect in this international drug syndicate case and will face an ethics trial.

Kapolda Lampung, Irjen Helmy Santika, confirmed this development, stating, “The ethics trial for AKP AG will be conducted shortly. This trial will determine the disciplinary sanctions against him,” said Erlin on Friday (15 Sep).

According to Helmy, this action reflects the Lampung Regional Police’s commitment to taking stringent measures against members involved in ethical violations, aligning with the National Police Chief’s policy.

Listyo Sigit Prabowo, Indonesian Police Chief General

In response to these revelations, Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo emphasized that any officers involved would be dealt with severely.

“It’s not a plan. We will definitely take action,” stated General Listyo.

He highlighted that the Indonesian National Police prioritizes both punishment and reward, where commendable officers receive recognition, while those engaged in wrongdoing face strict consequences.

General Listyo underscored that the stern measures would range from criminal proceedings to ethical investigations.

He reaffirmed the police’s unwavering commitment to delivering consequences to officers who breach the law, including the possibility of Discharge Without Honor (PTDH).

“Regarding issues like this, I believe the Indonesian National Police has never hesitated,” he affirmed.

The dismantling of this international drug syndicate and the inclusion of a former police officer among the suspects has drawn significant attention and raised concerns about the integrity of law enforcement agencies in the country.

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