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Maruah essay contest winners reflect on Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy

Singapore’s human rights NGO, Maruah reveals winners of an essay contest reflecting on Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy, underscoring the enduring impact of his policies on young Singaporeans and the nation’s evolving discourse.



SINGAPORE: The human rights non-governmental organization Maruah just unveiled the winners of their thought-provoking essay contest targeted at young Singaporeans, encouraging them to delve into their vision of a Singapore post-Lee Kuan Yew (LKY).

Eight years since the demise of the iconic leader, his footprint remains significant across Singaporean society.

Notable instances, including the debates surrounding the leasing of colonial bungalows to Government officials, the arrest of a minister over corruption suspicions, and the resignations of several Members of Parliament both from the People’s Action Party and the opposition, underscore LKY’s emphasis on impeccable integrity in politics.

Furthermore, the Elected Presidency, a brainchild of LKY, continues to be a participatory system deeply rooted in Singaporean governance.

As the world advances, the enduring influence of LKY’s policies warrants reflection, especially among younger Singaporeans.

This contest set out to tap into these insights, culminating in four standout essays from Lam Yu Han, Luke Lee, Desiree Leong, and Wesley Ng.

  • Lam Yu Han, 23, serving in the National Service, expressed gratitude for the stability and prosperity LKY ushered in but voiced concerns over the restricted freedom of expression.
  • Luke Lee, 22, also a National Serviceman, wrote on his journey from only knowing the laudable side of LKY to understanding some of the more contentious aspects of his governance. He hopes for a society where varied opinions are welcomed without apprehension.
  • Desiree Leong, affiliated with the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics, opined on the imperative of understanding and reconciling with the past to chart a harmonious path forward for Singapore.
  • Wesley Ng, a Political Science and South East Asian Studies undergrad at NUS, emphasized the importance of preserving the unifying aspects of LKY’s legacy while advocating for a more inclusive governance that places trust in the citizenry’s discernment.

On LKY’s centennial birthday anniversary, Maruah announced the winners, lauding these essays as representing just a fraction of the myriad views young Singaporeans hold regarding LKY’s indelible legacy and their vision for the nation’s future.

The organization remains hopeful that the broader Singaporean community will persist in having enriched dialogues about the kind of nation they aspire to shape in the coming years.

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Can’t say it enough. The people deserve the govt they get.

Time to jump out and rescue his son? what do you think? lol

Singaporeans should ask themselves : Commemorate? then why sue his son? tsk tsk tsk

That is the Prelude to Worshipping the Lee Loong and Yang. Using the Old Dead Star as gun and collecting MORE Resources for their Expanding Empire East and West Sides …

A new religion is born in Spore.
They fall on their knees to worship and adore this new god.
The 70% voters will request to dedicate a day as public holiday to fullfil their religious obligation.

What legacy, that He did not jump out of the wood ever since the demise even when SG is in such whacky state , partying by mostly foreigners and launderers?

Just a reminder, LHY is the second son of LKY. In trying to fulfill his father’s wishes, he bought over his father’s house from his elder brother who is the PM of Singapore. After selling the house to his younger brother, the elder brother sets up a committee comprising cabinet Ministers to take back the house by making it a National Monument. The elder brother says he has recused himself from the Committee. Now the family of LHY, has been forgotten by the PAP that they are true blue blood line from LKY. LHY, his wife and son have all… Read more »

Everything is still about LKY, LKY, LKY. Ah loong looks so incompetent and under-achiever, even though paid the highest (plus all the dices loaded for him). Even his old man called him Complacent. Very malu, hor.

LKY was no democrat, I don’t think he ever believed in true democracy. He was only a dictator under the guise of a democrat. But he was very skilled, had a vision & was dedicated to Singapore. If not for him, Singapore would still be a backwater port. In dire times (like after the Malaysia split), it’s better to have a bastard that can get the job done (think Steve Job when Apple was on the brink of disappearing) than a bunch of people taking ages to make decisions. The problem is that once such a person is gone, people… Read more »

To commemorate LKY, I am introducing a New Product
A Toilet Paper: Brand Name: POFMA.
Anyone Interested?
By the way LKY is dead already right???
Just checking.

I went through with 1G and 2G, but this 3G is the worst. The legency of the 1G can be seen. Those belong to the 1G did what they have to do, very little talking but a lot of works got done. They were paid maybe 1% or 2% of our 3G’s. There was alot of promises from the 2G, none fulfilled. All talk only. But it was understandable, as this group was just warming the seat. Their legency was the world highest pay for doing very little! The 3G, no promises, every thing just flow along. Corruption and cronies… Read more »

LKY legacy ruined by his son.

I am 50. Hardly know the Man except from Book I read which is well polished to make sure that Death Star Shine very Bright. (Is there an intended use for the Death Star Cult) Instead of what the Sons have contributed to the society YET still stuck at promoting a Dead man (no disrespect intended)