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Malaysian salesperson honored for exceptional service beyond expectations

In a heartwarming demonstration of exemplary service, an employee at an Apple premium partner store in Kuala Lumpur goes above and beyond, offering top-tier assistance even when aware that a customer may not make a purchase.




MALAYSIA: In the world of business, success often hinges on securing sales and sealing deals.

Typically, when a salesperson suspects that a customer may not make a purchase, they tend to allocate their attention to potential buyers.

However, in a remarkable departure from this norm, one particular salesperson stands out.

A recent TikTok post by @leeroywong28 sheds light on the fact that not all salespersons are solely driven by numbers.


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Leeroy recently visited an outlet of Malaysia’s Apple premium reseller ‘Machines’ in Kuala Lumpur, where he candidly expressed his budget limitations.

He posed a direct question: “If I can’t afford to make a purchase, would you still provide me with information?”

Remarkably, the salesperson attending to Leeroy not only indulged his request but also exhibited an impressive grasp of the product range, all while being aware that Leeroy was not a potential customer.

Astonishingly, this salesperson had only been with the company for a week, underscoring his competence.

When asked about his unwavering attentiveness, the employee cited the fundamental principle of customer rights: “Every customer deserves equal service.”

Leeroy then handed him a note, the contents of which took the employee by surprise.

The note revealed Leeroy’s plan to attend the Borneo Sonic Music Festival in Sarawak, featuring Taeyang and other performers, and it came with four tickets worth RM3,500 (US$747).

Leeroy generously invited the employee to bring his family or friends to the festival.

The salesperson, fresh out of university with a degree, expressed his delight at winning this unexpected trip to Sarawak.

He even took to the comments section of Leeroy’s TikTok post to extend his gratitude and reassure everyone that they could expect the same level of professionalism at the Machines store.

salesperson comment

The salesperson has since been inundated with praise from netizens

The video, uploaded on Wednesday (13 Sept), has garnered over 525 thousand views.

Many netizens commended his professionalism, applauding his impartiality regardless of a customer’s appearance, emphasizing that every customer, present or future, holds potential value.

comment comment

One netizen even praised his parents for their exemplary upbringing.


The unwavering dedication and passion displayed by this salesperson should serve as a source of inspiration for our friends in the retail sector.

Regardless of the circumstances, maintaining a commitment to delivering exceptional service to all, without bias, is a goal worth pursuing.

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