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Selfless schoolboy becomes a rainy-day savior for bus passengers in Punggol

In a touching display of selflessness, a schoolboy in Punggol shielded bus passengers from the rain with his umbrella. Despite getting soaked himself, he remained resolute, earning the admiration of both passengers and social media




SINGAPORE: In a heartwarming act of selflessness, a schoolboy, donning his school uniform, became a beacon of compassion as he gallantly held aloft an umbrella to shield departing bus passengers from the relentless rain.

With unwavering determination, he stood at the edge of a Punggol bus stop, enduring the cascading raindrops from above, all while extending a protective haven to unfamiliar faces.

The passengers he aided expressed their heartfelt thanks, and admirers on Instagram couldn’t help but applaud this young hero’s actions.

On Wednesday (13 Sep), the Instagram page sgfollowsall shared a brief, captivating five-second video capturing this extraordinary incident.

The footage portrayed a torrential downpour at a Punggol bus stop, with rain cascading between the shelter and the bus that had come to a halt.

Despite the deluge, a young boy, bespectacled and clad in a school uniform, courageously positioned himself in the gap, elevating an umbrella to shield those disembarking from the bus.

As passengers disembarked, it became evident that he was their protector from the rain. Unperturbed, rainwater flowed off the umbrella’s edge, forming a cascade onto his own head.

However, the boy stood firm, ignoring the fact that his bag and attire were getting drenched.

Once all passengers had alighted, he gracefully lowered his umbrella and continued on his own path.

In the video’s caption, the sgfollowsall page proclaimed that this schoolboy possessed the “heart of a king.”

While acknowledging the nobility of his actions, some commenters wondered whether the passengers had expressed their gratitude to him.


To address this, sgfollowsall later shared an update from an individual claiming to be one of the people he had assisted, affirming that the passengers did indeed thank him.


Perhaps their expressions of gratitude were drowned out by the loud downpour in the video, or they were conveyed softly.

Regardless of whether he received overt appreciation, netizens were brimming with admiration for the schoolboy and his parents for instilling such values in him.

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Witnessing this remarkable act of kindness is undeniably heartwarming, and there’s no doubt that he brightened the day of many.

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