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Criticisms on Amy Khor’s forewarned hikes for water cost in Singapore

Earlier on Monday, Dr Amy Khor warns of potential hikes in Singapore’s water prices, emphasizing increasing costs in water delivery despite technological advancements.

Netizens express skepticism and concern over the potential impact on citizens, with some highlighting the government’s role in inflating prices of essential services for ‘efficiency’.”



SINGAPORE: Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment, has recently forewarned the anticipated increase in the cost of water delivery in Singapore would impact the country’s water prices, despite the utilization of innovative technologies to mitigate these expenses.

During her address at the 18th World Water Congress in Beijing on Monday (11 Sep), Dr Khor asserted that the cost of water delivery in Singapore is on the rise and may continue this upward trend, even with the integration of innovative technologies.

She emphasized water’s strategic importance for Singapore; for the last 60 years, Singapore has strived to diversify its water resources using the “four national taps framework” to bolster water security. These taps capture water from local catchment areas, imported sources, Newater, and desalination.

Via a Facebook post updating her address, Dr Khor stressed the critical role of investments in water infrastructure and technologies.

“In Singapore, water has always been a strategic cornerstone. Over six decades, our dedication to expanding our water resources through the 4 National Taps has been unyielding. ”

“Steady investments in infrastructure and technologies have made this possible. By right-pricing water, we’ve managed to sustain these investments financially.”

While outlining Singapore’s rigorous approach to water security, she acknowledged that, like many other countries today, Singapore faces escalating costs in water production and distribution, driven by inflation and construction expenses.

“Innovative technologies can only moderate these costs to a degree. Such costs will inevitably be incorporated into our water prices. Right-pricing, while expanding our water supply and regulating demand, ensures enduring water security for present and future generations.”

Public Utilities Board (PUB) Net Income over the decade

Like many nations, Singapore faces rising costs associated with water production and distribution. Chief among these challenges are mounting inflation and construction expenses.

Singapore’s water pricing underwent its most recent adjustment in 2017, which led to a 30% increase over two years and sparked a protest at Hong Lim Park.

A scrutiny of the PUB’s annual reports reveals a Net Income of $2.4b after Government Grants and Contributions to the Consolidated Fund and Tax over the decade preceding FY2021, according to Singaporean blogger and financial adviser Leong Sze Hian.

This puts Dr Khor’s assertions on financial constraints and potential price increments into question.

Netizens voice scepticism and disappointment over Dr Khor’s stance on water prices

Several netizens took to the Straits Times‘ Facebook post to voice their scepticism and disappointment regarding Dr Khor’s statement, which hints at the likelihood of increased costs being passed on to Singapore’s water consumers rather than exploring avenues to alleviate the financial strain on the populace.

One comment ingeniously employed wordplay, shedding light on how the ruling party, “PAP,” seemingly effortlessly raises prices, leaving ordinary citizens to bear the financial burden by constantly “pay and pay.”

In the midst of the discussion, one netizen drew attention to the frequency of water price increases by the PAP government, often coinciding with GST rises and a 30% surcharge.

The comment argued for a fairer surcharge system based on the average consumption of individual household members rather than the type of housing, citing the unfairness of imposing a surcharge on larger families, such as those residing in 4-room HDB flats with four adults and four kids.

In a sarcastic tone, one comment pointed out the irony, saying, “70% voted for the establishment. Now enjoy paying more and more for all the increases. Thank you PAP supporters! “

“Cruel and disingenuous” for any government to Inflate the price of public services and basic utilities in the name of “efficiency”

Facebook user Andre Tan made a critical comment, highlighting the contradiction in the notion that increasing water prices somehow incentivizes efficiency.

He expressed scepticism by questioning the government’s rationale of inflating the prices of public services and essential utilities in the name of efficiency, considering it as “cruel and disingenuous”.

“Yes it is profitable just bcoz there are hefty grants to the stat board just like HDB doesn’t mean there are no gains between the cost and how it is priced.”

Moreover, he raised concerns about the government’s approach of increasing tax dollar grants to privatized state enterprises while simultaneously collecting more taxes from taxpayers.

Andre pointed out that these revenues often come from the retirement funds of the very same taxpayers, which are then funnelled back into state-owned “privatized” sectors like healthcare, housing, utilities, and infrastructure.

“All this round tripping with each cycle requiring higher taxes why? Holes in the pockets?”


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This coming from the wench that can cook without fire!
I thought this shrill had disappeared. But unfortunately stealing oxygen isn’t a crime so she won’t be arrested.

comment image

There is always excuses or reasons to justify an increase. Also there is always an excuse or reason for their failure. Just like when they boast about the driverless mrt system when it was first introduce here to save operating cost as no driver is required. Next the reason for the price increase is that technology and spare parts are costly. Then come a time when they introduce the additional post of Jaga (aka Watchman) sitting and patrolling this driverless train. Back to square one that needs human intervention. Just like I mentioned earlier why the electricity tariff of SP… Read more »

I believe the Government is going bankrupt. Solution from the grossly overpaid multimillion dollar big brains? Keep increasing prices to hopefully wipe out the debts before the shit hits the fan.

Actually, if one has been aware of sg politician news, Vivo Billi has been hinting our water is too cheap for many years. He hinted several times over the years.
So I knew abt a decade ago

The ISSUE of work productivity is unheard of in Singapore – extinct among political HEGEMONIACS.

Are we singaporeans right pricing these ministers and mps who are actually managing constituencies the size of kampongs, yet get paid millions for simply talking cock and wayang on stage? These ministers and mps are excessively inflated, grossly overpaid, extremely egocentric, greedy, self serving fat cats who would not think twice about sending us to our demise, working us to our twilight years just to scrap a living, working to our grave. Right pricing? We will vote you out so you can go scrap a living in the real corporate world – so they can truly right price you pap… Read more »

Rather late issit not ?!!!

You’ve voted for a “company” whose personnel are self~centred and uncaring, … with plans and policies that only means pay and pay !!!

So, take the expected hit and you’ve gotta suck it up now, … all of it !!!

Everyone knows SG has insufficient natural resources for water. Yet the policies is to keep growing the population faster and faster – whether citizens, foreigners, transient workers, PRs, money-launderers – everyone will consume water. Technology can only keep up to a certain pace AND INCREASE THE COST OF INFRASTRUCTURE. When demand (and cost) outpace supply, the only way the monkeys know is to increase the price of water. That’s why the 60% are truly fuxkin’ themselves.

While, she is in Beijing, heard youth unemployment is very high. Can she ask them to be hawkers. Hahaha

A pathetic island state where over consumption in the name of economy growth outweigh the sustainability even unto their very own indigenous citizens having to paying for what they did not consume as ‘public’ arriving this island is nothing short of taking the place a spinning monies making place for the run… none the wiser complains, who did voted in this development situation?

This type of job I also want. Just announce prices hikes, tsk tsk tsk.

Sigh, sinkies haven’t wake up. Come next year 9%. Lets see anyone KPKB.

Hey when are you taking a pay cut? This one is always problematic to us the citizens. The hawkers suffered when she introduced the Social Enterprise. When we had shortage of eggs, a photo of her fridge showed she had aplenty. Basically these present PAP Ministers have no clue that they have to act in the fiduciary interest of the State and Citizen. In another First World many of the PAP Ministers including the present President will be forced to face a Court in failing in their duties.

Is her Mayor pay going to rise like water delivery too?
In any case, the local daft deserved 101% to be screwed by her and her cronies, afterall I can confidently say over 70% of these folks deserved to be screwed!😆😆😆😆😆

I have nothing to say.
70% has signed carte blanche.
My vote is meaningless
My vote is nothing

I will remain a quiet mouse.

As I stated earlier, water price increases seem to coincide with the presidential election. 2017 – 30% increase 2023 – ??? PAP might as well go big since they will get endless shit from Singaporeans. 2029 – ??? I am very fatalistic about this water increase thing. No point getting upset because nothing will change once the PAP government has decided on a course of action. They will simply bulldoze the increase with their fancy arguments. The only way to respond to the PAP government is through the ballot box. They think with Tharman garnering 70% of votes, the ground… Read more »

Obviously amy khor remembers the dead master’s words to Ngiam Tong Dow: “what wrong with collecting more money?” This khor’s KPI depends on how money she can suck out of us to put into the national coffers. The pap is a right winged regime that swung from far left to far right for the sake of enriching themselves at the expense of the middle and lower classes. Is your life better with pap, and with pinky? Vote opposition for a better, fairer life for Singaporeans. Even if the opposition puts up a monkey, I’d say vote for the monkey than… Read more »

We are already paying a Very High Price, compared around The World.
In turn these idiots Make Expensive Plans & Build Expensive Facilities to make it More Expensive.
Pay the Malaysians, Their Fair Price for Water & Build the facilities in Johor.
That way, everyone benefits.
Bloody Goons.

A timely booster from the Pineapple supporters.

Well Done