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Fake doctor exposed after two years of deception at Surabaya hospital

In a startling turn of events, Susanto, a Surabaya high school graduate, successfully duped Primasatya Husada Citra Hospital (PHC) Surabaya for two years, masquerading as a phony doctor.

His elaborate ruse involved using another’s medical diploma and swapping the photo, only unraveling on June 12, 2023, during a contract extension request.




INDONESIA: In a shocking revelation, Susanto, a man who graduated from high school in Surabaya, East Java, managed to deceive the Primasatya Husada Citra Hospital (PHC) Surabaya for two years, posing as a fake doctor.

The elaborate scheme involved Susanto using someone else’s medical diploma and replacing the photo on the documents with his own.

His deceit went undetected until 12 June 2023, when PHC Hospital requested job application documents to extend Susanto’s contract, uncovering numerous discrepancies in the files.

Susanto’s fraudulent activities extended further as he stole the identity and documents of a genuine doctor from Bandung, Dr Anggi Yurikno.

Through a website, he acquired Dr Anggi’s doctor’s practice permit (SIP), medical diploma, resident ID card, and corporate hygiene and occupational health certificate, merely changing the photos on these documents without altering their contents.

Under the guise of a first aid doctor, Susanto registered for a clinic service worker vacancy and subsequently landed a position as a corporate hygiene and occupational health doctor, responsible for ensuring the implementation of K3 standards within the company, including periodic health checks for workers, equipment assessments, workplace safety, and institutional governance.

Dadik Dwirianto, a management representative of PHC Surabaya Hospital, clarified that Susanto did not examine general patients or the public during his fraudulent tenure.

Susanto’s history of deception dates back even further, as he once deceived the Kalimantan regional government, holding positions as Head of the Regional Technical Implementation Unit (UPTD) and Head of the Community Health Center in 2011.

Susanto now faces charges under Article 378 of the Criminal Code for fraudulent activities, including using a false identity, deception, and a series of lies for personal gain.

Regarding this shocking incident, Dr Siti Nadia Tarmizi, the Head of the Indonesian Ministry of Health’s Communications and Public Services Bureau, expressed concern over the verification process in the initial stages of signing contracts with medical personnel.

“In this regard, we have not yet received comprehensive information. However, it is imperative that during the initial contract phase, a rigorous credentialing process is conducted by a medical committee to ascertain the alignment of medical personnel’s competencies with the requisite standards,” Dr.Nadia explained when contacted by detikcom on Wednesday (13 Sep).

She continued, “Furthermore, this credentialing process should be ongoing, involving continuous checks and rechecks, thereby ensuring the maintenance of credentials and the early detection of such issues.”

She emphasized the importance of ethics committees in assessing the competency of recruited medical professionals, urging hospitals to ensure proper management, human resource development, and collaboration with local health services.

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2 years, … … is that it !!!

There’s a fake president in SillyPore, who served the full term of 6 years, … whilst drawing S$1,540,000.00 per bloody year !!!

Now, … … that’s fakery at its fakest~test~test !!!

So What, Genuine Professional Doctors Practising Crimes Against Humanity Will Be Hang. JAG HANG FIVE AT GUAM.