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Charming cat ring bearer captivates guests at Malaysian wedding, serenely glides in toy car

In a heartwarming twist, a Malaysian couple chose their pet cat, Lily, to carry their wedding rings down the aisle, elegantly gliding in a decorated toy car. This unique and charming addition to their wedding ceremony captivated guests and went viral on social media.




MALAYSIA: In the grand tapestry of weddings, the role of a ring bearer holds a special place. Traditionally bestowed upon a young family member, one adventurous Malaysian couple chose to break free from convention and infuse their special day with an unexpected twist.

Much to the delight of their guests, this daring duo entrusted their beloved feline companion with the vital task of bearing the wedding rings.

With an air of elegance, their pet cat embarked on a thrilling journey down the aisle, masterfully navigating a remote-controlled car.

The captivating spectacle of this enchanting ring bearer quickly became a viral sensation across social media platforms, earning the feline a chorus of accolades for its impeccable conduct.

Cat ring bearer takes center stage in a remote-controlled car

On Sunday (10 Sep), Malaysian television host Ahmad Fedtri Yahya shared a video of this feline ring bearer on his TikTok page.


Sesuatu yang unik di resepsi perkahwinan Dr Ayuni & Dr Rahul… Kucing kesayangan mencuri tumpuan 😀 #lily #cat #ringbearer

♬ original sound – Ahmad Fedtri Yahya – Ahmad Fedtri Yahya

The video unveiled his role as the emcee at a wedding, bringing together orthopedic surgeons known only as Dr. Ayuni and Dr. Rahul.

In the video, a white cat named Lily, adorned with a dainty pink ribbon, elegantly glided down the aisle in a remote-controlled car adorned with ribbons and delicate floral arrangements.

Nestled amidst the blossoms was a box containing the precious rings, while the curious feline observed its surroundings with wide-eyed wonder.

As the remote-controlled car gracefully halted in front of the couple, a helpful usher retrieved the rings from the endearing ring bearer.

TikTok users applaud feline’s remarkable conduct at the wedding

Since its upload, the video has garnered an impressive 2.6 million views, captivating the admiration of netizens.

Many TikTok users expressed their delight at witnessing this extraordinary sight and showered Lily with praise for her impeccable conduct on her owners’ momentous day.

One user applauded Lily for a job well done and humorously noted that, fortunately, Lily wasn’t an orange cat or an “oyen,” known for their mischievous nature, which might have spirited away the rings.



Another user playfully remarked that if their own cat were in Lily’s position, it might have attempted a daring leap from the toy car or created a ruckus until the toy car ended up overturned.


In any case, this innovative way of including their furry family member in their most cherished day is undoubtedly a memorable and heartwarming touch.

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