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Missing Indonesian citizen found safe in Los Angeles: Authorities confirm no criminal involvement

Indonesian citizen Yudi Saputra, previously missing in Los Angeles since August 31st, has been found safe, with no criminal involvement confirmed.



UNITED STATES: The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Los Angeles (KJRI LA) has officially confirmed the discovery of Yudi Saputra, an Indonesian citizen (WNI), who was previously reported missing in Los Angeles, United States.

Furthermore, an official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia has reassured the public that Yudi is safe and in good health.

The announcement was made by the Consulate via a recent Instagram post, stating that Yudi Saputra, who was previously reported missing, has been found in good health and without any apparent harm.

“Yudi’s disappearance is not linked to any criminal activity, ” the statement clarified.

“The Indonesian Consulate General in Los Angeles (KJRI LA) has been assisting the family in withdrawing the missing person report, and the case has been officially closed by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).”

“KJRI LA, on behalf of the family, expressed gratitude for the support and prayers from the Indonesian community, particularly those residing in the KJRI LA jurisdiction.”


The announcement sparks relief and questions

This announcement has generated various responses from netizens, with some expressing relief and others questioning the lack of information regarding the reason for Yudi’s disappearance.

One user, @katarid**, commented, “We are waiting for clarification, Mas Yudi. You caused a stir among the Indonesian population in the US, between the two countries’ institutions, and others.”

“Why is clarification necessary? So that if you disappear again, we can know whether it is indeed a criminal case or due to emotional issues stemming from domestic life.”

@tanpadace*** expressed concerns about the way the case was handled, stating, “It’s like throwing a wild ball, you create the excitement in the news, but you also irresponsibly withhold the chronological story. ”

“This means you are ready to be criticized by the public or considered to be spreading fake news. As long as there is no confirmation of clarity, people can freely comment on anything. In fact, concealing it like this, makes people think negatively, lose respect, and lose their concern.”

Yudi’s well-being confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs official

Judha Nugraha, the Director of the Protection of Indonesian Citizens and Legal Entities Abroad at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that Yudi was located by his family.

“YS, an Indonesian citizen in Los Angeles who was reported missing, has been successfully found by his family,” Judha stated on Monday (11 Sep). He also assured that Yudi is in good health and safe.

Following an investigation, it was determined that Yudi’s disappearance was not related to criminal activity.

However, Judha declined to provide further details about the reasons behind his disappearance, citing them as personal.

KJRI LA’s Consul of Protocol and Consular Affairs, Charles Ferdinand Hutapea, echoed the statement, affirming that there was “no criminal involvement.”

KJRI LA had accompanied the family to the local police station on Sunday evening (10 Sept), to withdraw the missing person report, and the case has since been officially closed by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

Previously, social media platforms, particularly Twitter, were abuzz with discussions about Yudi Saputra, an Indonesian national, who was reported missing in Los Angeles, United States.

Yudi was reported missing after accepting an Uber Eats order in the early hours of the morning of 31 August, around 01:00 local time.

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