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Creative cash: Hand-drawn ‘currency’ sparks joy at Malaysian wedding tradition

Guests’ artistic prowess shines as they present hand-drawn RM20 ‘money’ notes during a Salam Kaut exchange at a wedding reception. These creative tributes are gaining attention and sparking discussions about the evolving customs of expressing gratitude and good wishes.



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MALAYSIA: In a charming twist to the customary Salam Kaut tradition within the Malay community, one woman was pleasantly surprised during her cash-counting ritual at a wedding reception.

Nestled amongst the heartfelt greetings, she unearthed two meticulously crafted ‘currency’ notes, each bearing the likeness of RM20 (US$4.3) bills.

These unique pieces of ‘fake money’ were hand-drawn by guests themselves and tendered as part of their warm reception at the joyous event.

Salam Kaut, while not an obligatory practice, has become a cherished custom among the Malay community whenever they attend weddings.

Typically, guests offer a small token of cash to the host before bidding farewell.

Salam Kaut signifies the act of extending warm greetings while presenting money, symbolizing gratitude and well-wishes.

The amount given matters less than the sincerity of the gesture, and it has become an integral part of wedding ceremonies.

Guests often initiate this tradition by approaching the host, offering their warm wishes, and a token of appreciation.

It’s essential to remember that Salam Kaut is a cultural custom within the community, and those who may face financial constraints need not feel pressured to participate.

Guests get creative with self-designed ‘currency’ as Salam Kaut tribute at wedding

In a TikTok video posted by user “jihaaa98” on Monday (11 Sep), the woman shared an entertaining moment from a wedding party where she counted the greetings’ monetary offerings from attendees.


agak2 bawak ke bank negara dapat berapa ya? 😆😆

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To her surprise, one guest had contributed two hand-drawn ‘currency’ notes, each mimicking the RM20 (US$4.3) denomination with striking precision.

These artistic tributes bore uncanny resemblances to actual RM20 (US$4.3) bills in both design and color.

The woman, upon discovering this unique contribution, couldn’t help but reminisce about another unusual gift she had received in the past—a tissue pack with no tissues.

Playfully, she quipped, “This person is truly ingenious! Remind me to greet you with an empty tissue pack next time. Empty tissues are bad, but this is even worse.”

In good humor, the woman also pondered how much these ‘money’ notes would be worth if presented at the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) for exchange.

The video quickly gained widespread attention, garnering 1.3 million views at the time of writing.

Diverse reactions emerge regarding artistic ‘currency’

In the video’s comments section, netizens offered various perspectives on the Salam Kaut tradition and the creative ‘currency’ contributions made by some guests during wedding festivities.

Some suggested that hosts should not anticipate monetary gifts from guests but should wholeheartedly offer food and hospitality as the main focus of the event.

One user commented, “When you anticipate a greeting, surprises like this can happen. Sincerity and the intention to provide for guests’ needs carry countless blessings, In Sha Allah. Amen.”


Another chimed in, “At your event, don’t expect money; it may not come in large amounts. What matters most is ensuring everyone enjoys a delicious meal.”


The effort put into crafting the RM20-like ‘currency’ notes earned praise from many netizens, with some expressing their intent to preserve these unique tokens as keepsakes.


As one netizen aptly noted, “If I received ‘counterfeit money,’ I’d cherish it as a memory, as not everyone gets such a creative gift.”

salam kaut comment

Another added humorously, “Should I ever receive this ‘fake’ money, I’d frame it and proudly display it on my wall. It’s undeniably creative, you know.”

salam kaut comment

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