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Malaysian woman’s pigeon-infused beauty secret sparks diverse reactions online

A recent social media storm erupted as a woman made a bold assertion about pigeon consumption enhancing natural beauty, shocking users.

Many vehemently opposed the woman’s advice, citing potential health hazards associated with pigeons.




MALAYSIA: A recent social media uproar was triggered when a woman made an audacious claim about the role of pigeon consumption in maintaining one’s natural beauty, much to the astonishment of internet users.

Unna Delana, a woman who garnered attention last Thursday (7 Sept) for her unorthodox beauty regimen, took to X to unveil her secret.

She wrote, “Tips to become beautiful, eat pigeons. Turmeric fried pigeon with hot rice for dinner as it rained.”

It’s safe to say that her post did not sit well with the majority, prompting her to clarify that the pigeons she consumed were domesticated, not the ones commonly seen on city streets.

Unna responded to the backlash, stating, “Some claim that only eccentric individuals consume pigeons. If you’re picturing city pigeons leaving droppings everywhere, I couldn’t stomach those either. ”

“The pigeons I consume are the ones I’ve cared for since they hatched. Even I feel grossed out to eat those pigeons (the wild ones).”

The reactions from internet users were mixed

Unsurprisingly, many found Unna’s ‘beauty tip’ far from appealing and expressed disgust at her suggestion.

They argued that pigeons were carriers of severe diseases, such as meningitis, and consuming them posed a significant health risk.

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On the other hand, there were netizens who saw no issue with Unna’s post, as pigeons are considered halal for consumption.

“Pigeons fall under the category of halal birds. Whether they are wild or domesticated, male or female, adult or young, all are permissible to eat.”

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“What’s the fuss about someone else enjoying food that doesn’t harm you? Did she disturb the birds at your house?”


One user even shared their positive experience with eating pigeons.

“I won’t deny it – pigeon meat is delicious. It’s hard to resist its delectable taste. I’ve had a fondness for pigeon meat since childhood. I have a neighbour who often hunts pigeons and occasionally shares a fried one with me. The rich, fatty ones are especially satisfying. But one pigeon is never enough.”

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In response to the criticism, Unna stepped forward to provide her perspective on the unconventional beauty tip.

She clarified that consuming pigeon meat is not illegal and highlighted that she has been eating pigeons raised by her father since childhood.

According to her, eating pigeons is akin to consuming quail, as some are intended for culinary purposes, similar to the pigeons her father keeps.

She reiterated in her post that she does not consume wild pigeons and also posted a video on Sunday (9 Sep) to explain the distinction between wild and domesticated pigeons.

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