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Good samaritan Malaysians extend helping hand to elderly man in viral act of kindness

In a heartwarming viral video, compassionate young Malaysians rushed to aid an elderly man who’d had an unfortunate accident.

A TikToker shared the encounter, revealing that they had discovered the elderly gentleman was suffering from dementia and was on his way to meet his child.




MALAYSIA: In a heartwarming viral video that has captured the hearts of many, a group of young individuals came to the aid of an elderly man who had encountered an unfortunate accident in the early hours of the morning.

TikTok sensation known as Syakirbelon4.0 recounted their encounter with the elderly gentleman as they noticed him sitting by the roadside near Istana Negara at 05.00 AM local time last week, visibly shaken and in distress.

Their compassion led them to approach the gentleman in need.

Upon engaging with him, they discovered that he appeared to be suffering from dementia, causing a slight time discrepancy in his recollection as he believed it was evening when, in reality, it was dark and early 05:00 AM. 

The man explained that he was en route to meet his child, travelling towards Istana Negara. 

The video footage captured the elderly man with bleeding elbows and soaked clothing, surrounded by a rain-soaked road.

Without hesitation, the compassionate youngsters draped a jacket over the shivering man to provide him warmth and comfort.

Despite their noble intentions to escort the gentleman to the nearest police station, he humbly declined, expressing his reluctance to burden anyone further.

Notably, his phone had run out of battery, and his motorcycle’s brakes were malfunctioning.

In the end, they made the admirable decision to transport the gentleman, affectionately referred to as “pak cik” (uncle), to the police station using their own vehicle.

To ensure his safety, one of them bravely rode the defective motorcycle, sparing the elderly man from its potential danger.


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Since its upload on 8 September, the video has garnered a remarkable 1.4 million views, touching the hearts of countless viewers.

The act of kindness displayed by these young heroes has received widespread praise and gratitude from netizens, with many reflecting on how they would hope for similar assistance if their own fathers were in need.

“I swear, whenever I witness elderly individuals in distress, I can’t help but think of my own father.”


“Thank you, compassionate souls. May God reward your kindness with both worldly and eternal happiness.”


“I’m super sensitive when it comes to old people. Thank you, kind people. May Allah bless you all.”


“I swear I’m in tears, trembling at the thought that it could be my father. Oh God, ease the path for that gentleman to reunite with his children.”


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