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BookMyShow launches Bigtix: Revolutionary SaaS ticketing platform for Southeast Asian entertainment

BookMyShow introduces Bigtix, a cutting-edge ticketing platform, enhancing control for clients, collaborating with major events like the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix. It boasts cloud-native architecture, automatic updates, B2B and B2C features, a user-friendly interface, and mobile responsiveness. The platform is already operational across Southeast Asia, gaining praise from industry leaders and arts organizations while setting new standards in entertainment ticketing.



SINGAPORE: BookMyShow, a leading player in the entertainment industry, has unveiled ‘Bigtix,’ an innovative Enterprise B2B2C Software as a Service (SaaS) Ticketing Platform.

Bigtix offers a range of features, including white-labeled ticketing control, access to value-added tools, and collaboration opportunities with channel partners.

Notably, it has kicked off its journey by becoming the ticketing provider for the prestigious Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix 2023.

Bigtix by BookMyShow SEA

Developed by BookMyShow Southeast Asia (SEA) with cloud-native architecture and technology, Bigtix is known for its resilience, scalability, and agility in responding to evolving business needs.

The SaaS model ensures automatic updates and the latest features for clients without the burden of managing their own infrastructure and IT teams.

Bigtix offers a wide range of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) features, combining ticketing best practices with new e-commerce expertise.

It provides an end-to-end solution, including a touch screen Point-of-Sale (POS), a content management backend for product information, pricing, agents, and promotions, and a user-friendly frontend with white-label capabilities.

The platform is mobile-responsive, allowing convenient management from desktop or mobile devices.

Ticketing solutions for prominent enterprises

Kenneth Tan, CEO of BookMyShow SEA, emphasizes that Bigtix empowers clients and consumers in the Southeast Asian entertainment sector, enabling them to have greater control over branded ticketing and collaborations with various distributors.

Bigtix is already operational in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, with a strong presence in major sporting events like the Singapore Grand Prix.

Adam Firth, Executive Director of the Singapore GP, praises BookMyShow for its role in enhancing the event experience for fans during the Singapore Grand Prix 2022 and looks forward to continued collaboration in 2023.

“BookMyShow was critical to the overwhelmingly positive event experience of our fans and I look forward to working together to continue raising the bar in 2023 and beyond,” he said.

Arts and Theatre companies such as LOL Asia, Dream Academy, The Theatre Practice, and Arts House Limited have also used Bigtix for various shows, benefiting both promoters and ticket buyers.

Rowdy Kumar Malaysia Tour, Broadway Beng 2023, Four Horse Road 2023, Singapore International Festival of Arts 2022 and 2023, and Singapore Writers Festival 2023 is among many of the shows.

“The BookMyShow platform is continuously upgraded to keep up with the fast-changing environment while retaining ease of use for both promoters and ticket buyers.”

“We have seen tremendous seamlessness for our patrons since they have been onboarded,” said Selena Tan, Managing Director of Dream Academy.

Bigtix is also making strides in the Night-life club and Music entertainment space, handling high-concurrency ticket sales for concerts and events by promoters like Star Planet, IME Entertainment, MMIC Entertainment Group, Unusual Entertainment, and IMC Live Global.

Dato’ Alan, Managing Director, Star Planet said, “Managing high loads during the first day of sales is very important to a concert promoter, and BookMyShow did that very well!”

Overall, Bigtix is transforming the ticketing landscape in Southeast Asia, offering a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for a wide range of entertainment and attraction experiences.

BookMyShow: A Decade of Entertainment Evolution

Founded in 1999 and launched in 2007, BookMyShow, owned and operated by Big Tree Entertainment Pvt Ltd, has emerged as India’s premier entertainment destination with a global footprint.

With operations spanning Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and the Middle East, it has become the go-to platform for all entertainment needs.

BookMyShow has left its mark in over 700 towns and cities across India, collaborating with industry partners to deliver unparalleled entertainment experiences to millions of customers.

Initially, it began as an online ticketing platform for movies, serving more than 7,000 screens.

However, it has since evolved into an all-encompassing entertainment hub, managing live events like music concerts, live performances, sports, and more, all meeting global standards.

Under the banner of BookMyShow Live, its live entertainment experiential division, the company has introduced a range of noteworthy properties to its markets.

These include hosting events like Lollapalooza India, the Backstreet Boys’ DNA World Tour, Post Malone’s debut India show at the Feeding India concert, U2’s The Joshua Tree Tour, NBA’s inaugural games in India, Disney’s Aladdin, Cirque du Soleil BAZZAR, and performances by international artists like Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, and Justin Bieber, to name a few.

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