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Sembawang Hotspring Park secured: Ong Ye Kung addresses closure concerns amid geothermal study

Singapore’s Health Minister, Ong Ye Kung, has assured residents that Sembawang’s hot spring park will not be closed or removed.

Concerns arose due to a geothermal energy study by the Energy Market Authority (EMA), but Minister Ong confirmed that the park’s future is secure.



SINGAPORE: Health Minister Ong Ye Kung has provided a reassuring statement to alleviate concerns surrounding the potential closure or removal of Sembawang’s beloved hot spring park, affirming that it will remain accessible for residents to cherish.

Mr Ong serves as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Sembawang Group Representation Constituency (GRC).

In response to concerns raised by residents, Mr Ong confirmed on Facebook (6 Sep) that Sembawang Hot Spring Park is not at risk of being lost due to a study by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) on geothermal energy.

“Some residents have asked me if Sembawang is going to lose our Hotspring Park.”

Mr. Ong replied that “The answer is NO.”

“The question arose because of an ST article reporting that Energy Market Authority (EMA) is studying ways to tap on geothermal energy at Sembawang, including building new geothermal power plants.”

EMA is studying ways to harness geothermal power, potentially including the construction of new geothermal power plants.

To provide further clarity, Mr Ong mentioned that he had personally contacted EMA for information and proceeded to highlight some essential points.

Firstly, EMA is currently conducting a feasibility study, the results of which could be either positive or negative.

This study will determine the viability of geothermal energy in the area.

Next, is the flexibility of plant locations.

Even if the study shows that geothermal energy is feasible and cost-effective, the power plant’s construction is not tied to the location of the existing Hot Spring.

In other words, the Hot Spring Park itself is not under threat.

Lastly, Mr Ong explained that the proposed geothermal system is a ‘closed loop’ system.

This means that it involves piping water deep into the ground to heat it and then using the heated water to generate electricity.

It is important to highlight that this process does not involve draining away any of the existing hot spring water.

“In other words, continue to enjoy the Sembawang Hot Spring – hopefully for a long time!” he said.

Sembawang Hot Spring Park is expected to remain a cherished local attraction for the foreseeable future.

EMA evaluating the viability of geothermal power

On 4 September, the Energy Market Authority (EMA) took a significant stride towards Singapore’s sustainable energy future by releasing a Request for Proposal (RFP) for an extensive study.

The primary objective of this study is to evaluate the potential and scalability of geothermal power within the nation.

The study not only aims to assess geothermal energy as a renewable source but also identify suitable locations for potential geothermal power plants in Singapore.

Additionally, the study will investigate the potential for subsurface geologic carbon sequestration.

EMA is exploring geothermal energy as part of Singapore’s efforts to diversify and decarbonize its energy sources in line with its commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, considering the country’s limited renewable energy options and heavy reliance on energy imports.

Geothermal energy could enhance Singapore’s energy resilience.

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EMA should remember the mud volcano in west Java where drillers unleashed an unstoppable outpouring of mud that flooded the surrounding area. If this should happen here because EMA was doing “exploratory drilling” for geothermal potential, we are finished.

Why do we need more and more of everything? We should learn to work with what we have. Billions of taxpayers’ monies spent to facilitate a foreign population at the cost of destruction and damage to our little, little Red Dot. Our expenditure is only increasing never ever decreasing.

It’s all about money, money and more money.

Just like HDB blocks rooftops used as solar panels to capture electricity but where are all those profits gone to? Contractors and HDB making money, money and more money