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Indonesian mother arrested for abandoning newborn in Batam Mall waste bin

In a harrowing incident at Panbil Mall, Batam, a newborn was found dead after being disposed of in a waste bin by its own mother.




INDONESIA: In a shocking discovery, cleaning officers on duty in the vicinity of Panbil Mall, Sei Beduk, Batam, Riau Islands, stumbled upon the lifeless body of an infant concealed within one of the waste receptacles situated behind Panbil Mall.

Following a thorough investigation, it was determined that the infant had met a tragic end, having been deliberately killed and discarded by its own biological mother.

The perpetrator, identified only by the initials UAN (21), confessed to committing this heinous act out of fear for her job security.

Providing details of the grim discovery, Sei Beduk Police Chief AKP Benny Syahrizal disclosed that the cleaning staff at Panbil Mall uncovered the infant’s remains on Friday (25 Aug), at approximately 9:30 local time.

A key witness, referred to as AM, noticed a white bag within the trash bin. Upon inspection, AM was horrified to find a red towel enveloped in a black plastic bag.

“Witness AM was profoundly shocked when the contents of the plastic bag revealed itself to be the lifeless body of a baby, still drenched in blood,” conveyed Benny, as quoted from on Wednesday (6 Sep).

Subsequently, on Tuesday (29 Aug), the Sei Beduk Police Criminal Investigation Unit received a tip from the public regarding the whereabouts of the suspected baby’s assailant, UAN, located in Ngawi, East Java.

In response to this information, the Sei Beduk Police National Operations Unit promptly liaised with the Ngawi Police Criminal Investigation Unit and initiated action to apprehend the accused.

Law enforcement succeeded in capturing the suspect, who openly confessed to her reprehensible actions.

“This infant is the product of an extramarital affair between the perpetrator and her boyfriend,” Benny clarified.

Ironically, upon discovering that UAN was two months pregnant, her partner fled the scene.

“The perpetrator gave birth to the infant in the bathroom,” Benny recounted.

After giving birth, the perpetrator is said to have deliberately obstructed the baby’s airways for a duration of 10-15 minutes, employing both hands to stifle any cries from the infant.

“It was during this moment that the intent to kill the baby arose, leading the perpetrator to repeat this brutal act until the baby succumbed,” Benny elucidated.

“Upon the baby’s demise, the perpetrator utilized the bathroom drain cover to sever the umbilical cord,” Benny added.

The perpetrator subsequently cleansed the umbilical cord of any blood and proceeded to retrieve a black plastic bag from the kitchen.

The perpetrator wrapped the baby within the confines of a black plastic bag and a red towel before depositing the lifeless infant into a white bag.

This bag was subsequently disposed of in the trash bin located near the roadside Food Court behind the Panbil Mall in Mukakuning, Sungai Beduk, Batam.

The perpetrator is charged under Indonesia’s Law No. 17 of 2016, Article 80, Paragraphs (3) & (4), related to the Second Amendment of Child Protection Law No. 23 of 2002. The crime can lead to up to 20 years imprisonment.

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