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Chow Yun-fat, the luminary of Asian entertainment industry to be honoured at Busan International Film Festival

Hong Kong film icon, Chow Yun-fat, is celebrated as Asian Filmmaker of the Year at BIFF, marking another milestone in his extraordinary career.

With roots in Lamma Island, Chow’s rise to cinematic prominence showcases his unparalleled versatility.

His achievements parallel Hong Kong actors’ increasing global acclaim, solidifying the region’s impactful cinematic presence.



HONG KONG, CHINA: Amid the glittering lights and bustling energy of the upcoming Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), a star will shine even brighter this year.

Hong Kong’s beloved icon, Chow Yun-fat, is crowned the Asian Filmmaker of the Year, a well-deserved accolade that adds yet another gem to his illustrious career.

This honour arrives as the second instance of international recognition for a Hong Kong actor in a single week, following Tony Leung Chiu-wai’s Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the Venice Film Festival.

With humble beginnings on the outlying Lamma Island of Hong Kong, Chow Yun-fat has gracefully ascended to the pinnacle of global cinema.

The Asian Filmmaker of the Year award is a testament to his remarkable contributions to the local film industry and his instrumental role in catapulting Hong Kong gangster films to international prominence.

From his early days in cinema to his latest cinematic endeavours, Chow Yun-fat’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

The accolade bestowed upon Chow Yun-fat by BIFF is presented to a professional or organisation within the region that has made an extraordinary contribution to the development of Asian film industry and culture.

The festival organisers lauded Chow’s leadership during the golden era of Hong Kong cinema, a period marked by remarkable creativity and innovation that catapulted the city onto the global cinematic stage.

Chow Yun-fat’s versatility as an actor knows no bounds, his acting transitioned fluidly from action-packed roles to heart-wrenching melodrama, from side-splitting comedy to gripping historical drama. He is the embodiment of a multifaceted artist whose talent has transcended borders, making him the most sought-after actor in Asia.

Over his illustrious career, which began in 1976, Chow has graced the silver screen in over 100 films, leaving an indelible mark with each performance.

His notable works include “The Story of Woo Viet,” “All About Ah-Long,” “God of Gamblers,” “Once a Thief,” “Curse of the Golden Flower,” “Let the Bullets Fly,” and “Project Gutenberg.” He has clinched three Best Actor titles at the Hong Kong Film Awards and two at Taiwan’s Golden Horse film awards.

To celebrate Chow Yun-fat’s remarkable achievements, the festival will screen three of his iconic works: “A Better Tomorrow,” “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” and his latest cinematic endeavor, “One More Chance.” These films serve as a testament to his enduring legacy in Asian cinema.

Often referred to as the “Cannes of Asia,” BIFF has been a cultural milestone, known for discovering and nurturing new talent who have gone on to become influential voices in Asian cinema.

Established in 1996 in the vibrant southern port city of Busan, South Korea, the festival’s history mirrors the ascent of the modern Korean film industry, which rose to international prominence in the late 1990s.

Chow Yun-fat’s recognition as Asian Filmmaker of the Year follows in the footsteps of Tony Leung Chiu-wai, who earned this prestigious honour last year.

Tony Leung made history just last week by becoming the first Chinese actor to receive the esteemed Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the Venice Film Festival.

In response to the award, Hong Kong Secretary for Culture, Sports, and Tourism Kevin Yeung Yun-hung expressed his heartfelt congratulations to Chow Yun-fat.

He commended Chow for his exceptional acting prowess, diverse repertoire, and the timeless characters he has brought to life. Yeung also praised Chow’s genuine nature and accessibility, which have endeared him to the people of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong actors have been shining on the global stage, garnering international acclaim and awards in recent years. Yeung reaffirmed the government’s commitment to supporting the film industry’s sustainable development.

Chow Yun-fat is expected to accept the prestigious award in person next month, an event eagerly anticipated by fans and industry peers alike.

The 10-day festival, starting on 4 October, will screen 209 films from 69 countries in its official selection, including 80 world premieres.

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