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Three men took turns going into a Yishun canal to rescue a stranded chick

Three heroes’ courageous act, captured in a TikTok video, saw them rescue a stranded chick from a canal in Yishun, Singapore.

The chick, seemingly separated from its family, took an unexpected plunge into the canal, complicating the mission. Fortunately, it was successfully rescued in the end.




SINGAPORE: Three courageous heroes took turns entering a canal in Yishun to rescue a helpless chick that had unexpectedly fallen in.

This heartwarming incident transpired near the serene Safra Yishun, nestled along the picturesque Yishun Avenue 4.

In a TikTok video shared by user “morrdecai” on 2 September, the trio embarked on their noble quest to rescue the distressed chick.


just normal Yishun tings🐣 love my sisters and i love animals #yishun #sgheroes #dontplaywithme

♬ original sound – AdamSyah – AdamSyah

Despite their benevolent presence, the panicked feathered fugitive darted and fluttered frantically.

The video commenced with the first man, donning a sleek grey t-shirt, cautiously approaching the fledgling, which scurried along the canal’s bottom.

Amidst the unfolding drama, a lone hen observed the scene from the verdant grassy banks above, a silent bystander to the avian crisis.

The chick, presumably separated from its family, had tumbled into the canal, complicating the rescue mission.

It sought refuge within a circular rainwater drainage opening, frustrating the attempts to reach it.

A concerned voice off-camera beseeched, “Little chick don’t run there.”

Undaunted, a man clad in green descended into the canal, willing to try his hand at the rescue operation.

Another voice off-camera explained, “Guys, I really wanted to do this but, there are already people helping. So, it’s not that I don’t want to help.”

However, their initial attempts yielded no success.

A group of observant youngsters, witnessing the unfolding drama, urged one of the elder gentlemen to give it a try, persuading him to come to the chick’s aid.

A determined girl, pleading her case to the camera, declared, “I don’t care, you have to help it, you get pahala, at least you go to heaven, one ticket away”

“Pahala” is an Arabic term, signifies the rewards bestowed by Allah upon Muslims for their virtuous deeds.

The third rescuer, the same individual who had expressed his desire to help earlier off-camera, plunged into the canal.

The subsequent scenes unraveled into chaotic yet heartwarming moments, with the second and third men collaborating seamlessly to chase down the elusive chick.

They grappled to maintain their balance on the slippery ground, making the chase a true test of their determination.

At one thrilling moment, the third man managed to capture the chick, raising it above the concrete edge, only to witness it take flight back into the canal, overwhelmed by panic.

Their relentless efforts bore fruit

Undeterred, the man made a valiant second attempt, eventually liberating the chick from the canal in the same manner he had previously tried.

The triumphant chick scampered along the grassy patch to freedom.

In an outpouring of support, the young girls in the video cheered and applauded the third hero for his successful rescue.

The TikTok video, viewed over 216 thousand times, elicited heartfelt responses from netizens.

They showered praise upon the gallant man who rescued the chick and his two compassionate companions.

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Leave That Chick Alone.
Wants to learn swimming also cannot.
Freedom to look for food also cannot.
Yishun is A God Forsaken Town.