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SGH food court’s S$7.30 tom yum soup underwhelms diners

In a gastronomic saga at Singapore General Hospital’s food court, a diner’s lament over his S$7.30 Tom Yum soup, featuring a meager serving of three prawns and one lonely sotong, has ignited a discussion about escalating food court prices in Singapore.



tom yum

SINGAPORE: The relentless grip of inflation has gradually elevated the cost of even food court indulgences, inciting frequent customer discontent regarding perceived value for money.

Recently, a discerning diner shared his experience, revealing a rather meager offering of three prawns and a solitary piece of sotong in his S$7.30 (US$5.4) tom yum soup from the food court within Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

The disappointed patron lamented that his meal was a far cry from being a worthy investment.

In a Facebook post shared within the Complaint Singapore Unrestricted group on Monday (4 Sep), the man expressed his dissatisfaction, deeming his meal as “absolutely not worth it”.

tom yum

(Photo: Facebook/Complaint Singapore Unrestricted)

His culinary journey led him to the newly inaugurated Koufu food court within SGH, where he placed his order at the “Telur Thai” stall.

Promising an authentic Thai culinary experience prepared by skilled Thai chefs, the stall had garnered his interest.

The critique began with the revelation of just three diminutive prawns and a single sotong for the hefty price of S$7.30 (US$5.4).

What further soured his experience was the prawns’ less-than-optimal freshness, evidenced by their tendency to crumble and shed their shells upon touch.

The diner’s disapproval extended to the tom yum soup itself, as he found its portion to be significantly lacking, filling barely half the container.

Moreover, a third seemed to be nothing but oil, a revelation that he found particularly unappetizing.

In unequivocal terms, he described the entire experience as “revolting” and pledged never to return to the aforementioned stall.

When urged to lodge a complaint, the diner expressed scepticism, asserting that it would likely prove futile.

He attributed the size of the prawns to decisions made by the franchise holder, absolving the local staff of any influence.


The diner’s plight resonated with fellow netizens, with some pointing out the surprisingly steep prices at hospital food courts, rivalling even those at upscale locations such as Orchard and the airport.

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Wanna live in a fabulous city that attract ‘world class’ talent?
Run by highest paid ‘world class’ politicians?

Pay the price for it!

In the 1990s many of my Singaporean friends had a change to migrate to western countries, they did not. The reason they gave was food costs $10 a plate in those countries. Now on their own backyard , it’s already $10. Where to put face now? In life u are stupid if u only see one cost component and ignore the rest. The cooked food may be expensive in those countries but raw food purchase in markets are cheaper than Singapore. Cars and houses are cheaper than Singapore.

If only, alas, if only, … such detailed and precise critique and discernment over a bowl of tom yum soup, could be applied at the voting booths !!!

SillyPoreans certainly have their priorities, all f**ked up, … to put it mildly !!!

Tom Yam soup seafood?
Of course its luxury food.!!

1kg of fresh prawns is never below $14 ( wet market )
Larger size would be at least $16
And also depends on type of prawns.

How about the spices and herbs?
Purut limau leaves
Lemon grass
Lime ( juice )

Sure, they use pre mixed tom yam paste.

Rental is not cheap even at hospital food courts

If this range of price too expensive for you, please buy
other type of food.

Tom Yam is enjoyed for its flavours, aromas… not meant to fill the stomach.