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Malaysian student triumphs over alleged bully in kickboxing showdown

A viral video captures a heated kickboxing match between university students in Kuala Lumpur, triggered by one student’s provocation.

The local student, hailing from East Malaysia (Sarawak), claimed street harassment from the foreign student, leading to their organized showdown.



KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA: A video showcasing a kickboxing match between two students at the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) in Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur has gone viral on social media.

The altercation is thought to have been sparked due to provocation from one of the students.

A local student claiming to be from East Malaysia (Sarawak) stated in the video that the foreign student came up to him in the streets and shouted “Hey, I want to fight you!”

As a result of that incident, they decided to arrange a kickboxing match between themselves.

The video was posted on the “Sarawak Viral News” Facebook page with a caption indicating that the incident took place in Sri Petaling.

It also mentioned that the local student had reportedly been harassed by the foreign student before the kickboxing match.

“Another student bullied him on the streets and they organized a fight,” it said.

Local student takes on alleged bully

The video depicted both individuals donning kickboxing attire while being encircled by spectators within the university’s atrium.

The Sarawakian student, sporting black shorts, was observed chasing after the foreign student, who attempted to withdraw from the fight after being struck several times.

The foreign student, wearing white shorts, appeared unwilling to carry on the fight at that point, saying “that’s enough!” but the local student shouted back with “You asked for it!”

Nevertheless, the fight continued.

Shortly afterwards, the local student was then seen encouraging the foreigner to rejoin the fight after asking the foreign student to stand up.

“I will help you get up,” he offered, urging his counterpart to rejoin the fight as the audience cheered on.

However, the foreign student was once again knocked to the ground.

In the end, despite a noticeable difference in size, the local student swiftly managed to knock the other down before telling him off.

The local student issued a warning to his opponent after appearing to win the match.

Additionally, he revealed that the foreign individual had a history of bullying, extorting money from APU students, and causing disturbances while under the influence.

Meanwhile, the foreign student was observed with a bleeding nose, and blood was visible on the mat in the video.

Netizens supported local students for standing up for himself

The majority of comments on social media commend the Sarawakian student for defending himself, with some suggesting that this could be a valuable life lesson for the foreign student, discouraging bullying behaviour.

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