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Malaysian mother stunned as 8-year-old daughter earns US$300+ through school gambling

A concerned Malaysian mother uncovered her 8-year-old daughter’s surprising knack for accumulating RM1,550 (approximately US$332) through alleged schoolyard gambling.

Despite a weekly RM50 allowance, the daughter’s extravagant shopping spree raised eyebrows when she produced RM1,550 from her school bag.



MALAYSIA: A concerned mother’s recent Facebook post went viral when she revealed her 8-year-old daughter’s unexpected talent for amassing RM1,550 (approximately US$332) through gambling at school.

Her daughter, currently in Standard 2, typically received RM50 (US$11) per week for lunch and stationery expenses.

One day when they went on a shopping trip to Gurney Paragon Mall in Penang, the daughter insisted on buying an RM899 (US$197.78) bag.

She also said her daughter claimed that all her friends owned the same bag.

The mother hesitated due to the high cost, but then her daughter astonishingly took out RM1,550 from her school bag, far exceeding the given allowance of RM50.

“After verifying that my husband wasn’t the one who provided money to our daughter, I returned home and had a gentle conversation with her, inquiring about the source of her substantial funds,” the anxious mother stated in her post.

The daughter confessed to gambling with her friends during break time at school.

“After hearing her explanation, I was taken aback, feeling a mix of surprise and anger. I was unsure whether to feel relieved or concerned,” she admitted.

The woman further explained that her daughter attends an international school, where most classmates come from affluent families, receiving a daily pocket money allowance of RM100 (US$22).

Conflicted about her daughter’s newfound wealth, the mother sought advice from netizens via Facebook.

Netizens amazed by the 8-year-old’s “misused talent”

Much like her mother, netizens are equally astonished by the young girl’s unexpected talent.

One netizen wisely commented, “If your daughter has such a talent, it’s crucial to guide it in the right direction.”

A netizen offered advice to the concerned mother, “Nurture her talent, focus on cultivating and guiding her along the right path, she will undoubtedly thrive in the future.”

A netizen, appearing both serious and playful, humorously emphasized the significance of connecting with affluent individuals to enhance her potential.

Check out the Facebook post here:

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