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Trend of ‘choping’ parking spaces never ends in Singapore and Malaysia

“Human choping” or reserving parking spaces has stirred debate online. A video on “Singapore Incidents” Facebook group showed a Malaysian-registered SUV occupying a space after a friend physically reserved it, driving other cars away. While some claim this practice is a Malaysian cultural norm, others refute it, noting Malaysia’s ample parking. Incidents of “‘choping’ have also surfaced in Kuala Lumpur. Both countries deem the act illegal.



SINGAPORE – A Malaysian-registered SUV secured a parking spot after his friend “chope” (known as “chup” in Malaysia) reserved the space for him.

The incident was shot by a passerby, Abby Hew, she shared on a Facebook group called “Singapore Incidents”.

Hew said in the post that the woman drove away several cars trying to park at the said parking spot.

In the end, a white SUV with a license plate starting with the letter V parked at the spot.

A netizen commented that Hew should not have compromised and should have blocked the parking space and called the police immediately.

Another netizen said “human choping” is a Malaysian culture.

However, other netizens refuted it, saying that Malaysia has more parking space compared to Singapore.

The Facebook post has garnered 117 reactions, 97 comments, and 60 shares.

Practice of “choping” parking is a common culture in Malaysia and Singapore

On 21 March 2022, a video of a ‘chope’ parking incident went viral, this time at the parking lot of the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (Mitec) in Segambut, Kuala Lumpur.

This was where the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (Matta) Fair 2023 was held from 17-19 March.

Posted on the @larojtfl TikTok account, the clip showed a man standing on a parking box at the exhibition centre being questioned by the person who took the video.

“Serious ah bro? Chup parking?… I know you want to go (to) Matta Fair. I also want to go (to) Matta Fair,” the woman said.

The man smiled and showed the thumbs up while holding onto the parking box.

He then argued that his car was nearby.

“It’s not a big deal,” said the unidentified man.

“I hope you have a good karma la bro… I hope you have a good day,” replied the frustrated woman.

On 4 Sept 2022, a Singaporean vehicle “choped” a parking at KL East Mall in Kuala Lumpur.

In a post shared by Malaysian Facebook netizen Hey XpG, she recounts how her younger brother had experienced one such ordeal while waiting on a Toyota Corolla Altis to vacate a parking spot.

During that time, his car was parked to one side with the turn signal on, indicating his intention to occupy the space once the Toyota left.

However, to his disappointment, a woman nearby was eagerly trying to reserve the spot for her family’s vehicle.

She even approached the netizen’s brother’s family to inform them of her intentions, but they informed her that it was not allowed.

Nevertheless, the woman disregarded their objections and patiently waited for her family’s Mercedes SUV with Singaporean registration plates to arrive.

She eventually yielded the spot to them, allowing the Mercedes to park once it became available.

Resigned to the situation, the netizen’s brother expressed his frustration by honking at the Mercedes driver, but it had no effect.

She wished the “chupper” had a good karma before ending the recording.

“Chope” parking can be fined in both Singapore and Malaysia.

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All of these “chopers” will have their day, … when an already enraged, exceedingly impatient and pissed off driver, driving for bloody ages seeking out a parking spot, … see only the space and not the “chopers”, proceeds to drive into that space, designed for cars !!!