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Customer stunned by S$8 price tag for two treats at Tampines ice cream vendor

A customer’s unexpected S$8 bill for two ice cream treats near Tampines MRT station has ignited a pricing debate. Is the traditional ice cream cart tradition losing its affordability?



ice cream

SINGAPORE: Many Singaporeans cherish memories of traditional ice cream carts, indulging in a delightful, budget-friendly snack, typically a simple ice cream block nestled between wafers or bread, from these mobile stalls.

Regrettably, it seems that affordability has become a thing of the past, at least in some locales.

Recently, a lady ventured to patronize an ice cream vendor in the eastern region, only to be taken aback by the price of her selections.

Turning to the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook group to recount her experience, she revealed that she was billed S$8 (US$6) for an ice cream sandwich and an ice cream cone.

ice cream


The surprising cost left netizens equally astounded, with many expressing doubts about the value.

Woman faces S$8 bill from Tampines MRT Station’s ice cream vendor

The original poster (OP) disclosed that her visit took her to an ice cream cart stationed near Tampines MRT station on a Sunday (3 Sep).

She ordered two items, an ice cream cone and an ice cream sandwich, for herself and her companion.

To her dismay, the vendor demanded S$8 (US$6) for the treats. He defended the price by claiming they were now larger than before.

“Think I was being ripped off, but since he was an uncle, I did not make a big hoo-ha about it,” wrote the OP, noting that she conveyed her displeasure to him but ultimately paid the sum as he held firm.

The OP mentioned that she only discovered the price after receiving her ice cream, as it was not displayed anywhere on the cart.

Netizens share disbelief at the exorbitant price

Given that these ice cream sandwiches typically cost between S$1 (US$0.7) and S$2 (US$1.4) each, many users were just as appalled as the OP.

One user mentioned that it was priced at S$3 (US$2.2) the previous year, prompting another to comment that it was still excessively expensive.


Some suggested that at S$8 (US$6), it would be more worthwhile to purchase the ingredients from a supermarket and make their own treats.


Others compared the prices to those offered by other vendors, highlighting one in the Ang Mo Kio that reportedly sells their treats for just S$1.20 (US$0.8) each.


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4 singapoor dollars? might as well buy cornetto from a grocery shop or 7-11 lah. shops buy more rent than this ice cream uncle some more.

Last commnentor Still can’t differentiate between brought and bought? Where did he study and graduate from? Looks like sg education failed this fellla. How can you BRING the whole thing? Brought = past tense of bring. What a disgrace!

Ppl get scammed nowadays not so much that the scammers are smart, but it is because those kenna scammed are stupid.

From the article, the selling prices were not displayed. Thus, I suspect the lady mentally assumed it would cost around $1.50 which I suspect many of us would think so too. Even if the size of the sandwich was bigger, it should not cost more than $2.00. The only reason she was charged $4.00 each is because the ice cream seller knew he could get away with it. Perhaps it is time the G mandates that ALL prices be displayed. At the same time, customers must develop a habit of asking for the price before purchasing. A good example is… Read more »

Soon to be common, Tarman Effect.hahaha

These people need to make a living too. If you do not like it, don’t buy it. Nobody is pointing a gun to your head to buy the ice-cream. You can ask the seller about the prices or pay attention to the menu.

But of course, these people are just complaining to gain attention on social media. I wonder who voted for in the recent Presidential Election. If God had a sense of humour, they would have made their ice-cream taste bitter.

I drink coffee @ Market @ 1.00

After 010923 it become 1.10 and it is still cheap .

Probably celebrating Pineapple event .