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Tharman Shanmugaratnam elected Singapore’s ninth President with landslide victory

Former PAP senior minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam secured an impressive 70.40% of votes in Singapore’s 2023 Presidential Election, becoming the nation’s ninth president.

The Election Department revealed the results, with 1,746,427 votes out of 2,480,760 cast, making his victory official at 12.22 a.m. on 2 September.



SINGAPORE: In a historic moment for the nation, Mr. Tharman Shanmugaratnam, a former senior minister of the People’s Action Party, has emerged victorious in the 2023 Presidential Election, securing a resounding mandate to become Singapore’s ninth president.

The Election Department (ELD) unveiled the final election results, declaring Mr. Tharman the clear winner with an impressive 70.40% of the votes cast by Singaporean citizens.

Out of the 2,480,760 votes cast, Mr Tharman garnered a total of 1,746,427 votes, solidifying his position as the new head of state.

The 66-year-old’s remarkable victory was announced by Returning Officer Tan Meng Dui, chief executive of the Housing Board, in the early hours of Saturday (2 Sept), around 12.22 a.m.

Mr Tharman’s fellow contenders, Mr Ng Kok Song, the former GIC investment chief, received 15.72% (390,041 votes), while Mr Tan Kin Lian, the former NTUC Income chief, secured 13.88 % (344,292 votes).

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong issued a statement extending his congratulations to Mr Tharman on his election victory.

“Mr Tharman has a long and distinguished record of public service. I have every confidence that he will carry out his duties as President with distinction,” he said in a statement.

Mr Lee emphasized the government’s commitment to offering full cooperation to President-elect Tharman, who, in turn, has affirmed his intention to collaborate closely with the government.

“As Head of State, the President has to be a unifying figure that all Singaporeans can look up to and identify with. He must exercise his custodial powers under the Constitution wisely, bringing to bear his experience and independent judgment. Internationally, representing Singapore, he must fly our flag high.”

In his statement, Prime Minister Lee expressed gratitude to all three presidential candidates for participating in this crucial election, highlighting the significance of Singaporeans exercising their right to vote for their next President.

“I am happy that Singaporeans have been able to exercise the right to vote for our next President, and to focus on what the elected President is about. ”

“In this election, both voters and candidates have shown a greater understanding of the roles and duties of the President, which bodes well for Singapore,” PM Lee said.

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TKL promised he will solve bread and butter issues and to make Singaporeans a better life.

I full agree.

Some are talking cock for song.

Unifying, World stage, treating you with pineapple, blah blah blah……Got use meh? Stoopid idea from the pappie stoogies.What do you think? tsk tsk tsk

Shows not just what many Singaporeans are saying, even overseas observers are saying: Tharman is WASTED talent as President for SG. If the ruling party thinks Tharman is good enough only to be President, then at least appointed him to be the RESERVED PRESIDENT 6 years ago, instead of having the lemon Halimah. And at least no one would doubt the authentic minority that Tharman is from.

These days, shits Times put up tons of botak photos. Nothing but shining head.

Hello, let’s move on and publish far more important news lah!!!

I am really astonished and dumbfounded you folks can think tkl can be our Singapore president, unbelievable community.

Now we will get 6 more years of silence and inaction. Funded at taxpayer expense. The 70% from 2015 show up once more to demonstrate a lack of backbone. I am not surprised. While some would argue that it was “brand” recognition that propelled Tharman to the presidency. I believe it is simply a lack of imagination and critical thinking. If the Presidency is a ceremonial position with no real power, then there would not be any issues voting in someone unknown. Perhaps it is this lack of critical thinking skills that require foreigners to displace Singaporeans in white-collar jobs.… Read more »

Computer glitches lah….lol.
Do you people know??? When there is computer glitches, it means there is a possibility of some hackers trying to get into the network to do destruction or amendments….lol.

The devil has won in the Ghost month. It is an appropriate win in this month.

The only explanation is that citizens here
love the PAP and do not mind all the high costs.

Given the choice, which they have just exercised,
they still vote for the party that sells them homes at
high prices and has zero value after 99 years.

Is there something here that the 30% have missed?
Or that the 30% is just unreal and there is actually less than 10%
who are the unhappiest.

He already told you guys : Have a Spine !!!! tsk tsk tsk

OK, it’s happened!

Let’s move on

You die your problem

For every 10 people that walks past, 7 of them voted for PAP. For every HDB block, out of 100 people living in that block, 70 voted for PAP Overwhelmed… clearly most people like the PAP.. ethics and morals are not the criteria. CDC vouchers, HDB grants, Baby bonus, U-save rebates Skills upgrading, is all that people need, want and have received. 70% are not affected and care less about CECA, high COEs in fact they benefit from their presence. Being able to sell or rent out their homes at prices that make their eyes water. Among the 30% are… Read more »

Another strong reason i believe in people’s mind is we going to change PM. We need a strong and capable president who can hold the fort if things doesn’t work out, and to work cohesively with the new pm and not creating trouble for him.

The message is very clear, isn’t? People don’t want change. People like a president that can spearhead Singapore in the world stage and is capable to contribute in times of trouble. There are many forthcoming challenges ahead of us, both domestically and worldwide. They want Singapore to survive and do well, and not to create more trouble. TS capability is there for people to see and trust him and that is good enough, not the others. There will be change of government unless something drastic happens to Singapore, like economy collapse or war. Moreover as said several times the opposition… Read more »

I cannot make heads and tails of the outcome till now. Since Tony Tan, the citizens have been questioning why critical questions weren’t asked by the president. There’s no reason how it can be 70.4% this time unless it is made up of mainly new immigrants.

Well a puppet is chosen. Lets move on.


Even old man blasted he got so many investment experience garnered a miserable endorsement from the voters.

I already said many time if NKS wins, I will jump down !!!

Tharman wins is no big deal, its the same white party voters. Nothing new to me.

TKL is the Man of the Year 2023 !!

Singaporeans are the PAP. Will not change. This PE is a test case. It would be a very safe choice to vote in non-PAP as the president is a lame duck to effect any change But it does offer a counter to PAP in high profile image. Sadly, Singaporeans, more than 70% wants to have PAP in every space. Having a PAP president makes the entire space 100% belonging to PAP. 30% anti PAP wont do any good. It might offer the PAP ideas for free, and with arrogance. 30% anti PAP… will remain in the background to be POFMAed,… Read more »

There was increase in voters from 2.4 millions to 2.7 millions from 2020

Therefore, extra 300, 000 voters is approximately 11.11% of 2700000 voters .

This is wh tharman won. First voters and new citizens make up this number

Think about it TS winning margin could even be bigger closing to 80% if not because of nks, a fearsome result. A lot of people like me didn’t vote for him, and we definitely will not vote for tkl. And tkl only managed to secure his deposit by getting associated with opposition and get endorsed by tcb and a few heads of parties, plus his populist policy he trying to sell to buy vote. Even more scary is if GG qualify and join the fray with both running without stepping down tkl could have lost his deposit by split votes.… Read more »

70% wants the upcoming gst hike in cost of living. What more can we say ?

Sporeans really proven unchangeable for over 60 years.
WP also don’t expect to win much in GE2025.
Bye everyone. This is your country, this is your flag. This is your people , this is your life.

I shall not voice up for singaporeans from now. They do not need it.

PE is not a trivial matter. It has the power beside the pm, not exactly ceremonial. It reflects our political status and sentiments. Cannot be result not in favour we started to trivialise as excuse and consolation. Remember people are making a big fuss when we can’t vote the last one. Now we can vote we should accept the outcome graciously and congrats TS being truly an elected president. With the big margin winnig results he got the mandate and is Singapore people’s choice.

Ground day……..
What a life!

PE is just one small battle. What matters is the WAR, which is the next elections. Since Loong determined that Tharman is not good enough to be next PM, even though getting 70.4% of votes, so the highest paid PM must now show he/she is capable of getting MORE THAN 70.4% in a GE.

Politics is such a double-edged sword, hor?

It is a sad day.

It’s official then, … SillyPoreans are neither prepared or ready to give up on any or all things PAP !!!

It’s a great day for the PAP, it’s cronies, it’s water carriers, it’s affiliates, … and of course, it’s supporters, who’ve made it all possible, … for the regime to continue to dominate every aspect of SillyPore life, politics and its future !!!

Not good enough to be SG next PM ..
…but he willingly accepted the PAP’s 2nd best post, as SG ceremonial puppet president.
I feel more surprises ( not good ones) , are forthcoming for SGs , as evil LHL and his regime continue manipulating this whole system.

opposition made mistake by endorsing tkl. tkl misogynistic, racist and pro China communist party views were extremely problematic. they should have endorsed nks. now opposition (with exception of WP) have sullied their own image and reputation

Even with Ridout case,ho Ching’s suspected salary, Iswaran investigation….all we hope more scandals come,but even so,the 20% diehard will still support them.So how do we describe the remaining 40 to 50%? Either they don’t read alternative news or cannot be bothered at all as they think even opposition in power,their life cannot be improved We just hope the younger generation will be more politically active..Anyway if Tharman as SM didn’t voiced out the above cases,how can he improve the life of Singaporean when the president is just a ceremonial role?Tharman,touch your heart and ask yourself?

So TKL arrived last … again

Anyway not like it matters, president in SG has no meaningful power and is onl6 a waste of taxpayers’ money