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Ng Kok Song concedes defeat to Mr Tharman in 2023 Presidential Election

Ng Kok Song gracefully conceded defeat to Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam in the 2023 Presidential Election. Mr Ng said his primary goal was ensuring Singaporeans’ right to vote, which he believes he achieved through the election.

He celebrated Mr Tharman’s mandate and vowed to inspire capable individuals to serve the nation.



SINGAPORE: Presidential candidate Ng Kok Song gracefully conceded defeat to his fellow contender Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam in the Presidential Election 2023.

Speaking from his social media agency’s office alongside supporters, Ng expressed gratitude to Singaporeans, his election team, and his fiancee Sybil Lau.

He emphasized the clarity of the results, stating that there was no need to await the final tally.

“As far as I am concerned, there is no need to wait a few more hours in order to get the final result. The result is clear, and I want to say thank you once again to the people of Singapore.”

He said his number one goal was to ensure that the people of Singapore had redeemed their right to vote in this presidential election, and he thinks that he has accomplished that goal because the presidential election did take place.

“I also said that Mr Tharman had mentioned that he would like to have a contest so that when he is elected he has a mandate from the people of Singapore.”

“I’m delighted for him, and I’m very glad for him, that he has indeed earned a mandate from the people of Singapore.”

Mr Ng also emphasized that, when he stepped forward, he aspired to set an example for capable and virtuous individuals to step up and serve their country, whether in the presidency, the government, or the opposition.

Additionally, another crucial goal was for him to express his gratitude to his homeland for all that it has bestowed upon him.

“I will continue to serve my country until my last breath.”

“The relatively low percentage of votes that I obtained was the price that I really needed to pay in order to give Singaporeans the opportunity to exercise their right to vote. That was the ultimate objective when I set out to stand for the presidency and I’m glad that I’ve achieved that goal.”

When asked about his post-election plans, Ng mentioned his desire to honour the presidency to prevent future walkovers.

He expressed happiness in achieving this goal. Additionally, he looked forward to returning to his company, Avanda Investment Management, which he founded eight years ago after retiring from GIC, as a way to contribute tangibly to Singapore’s financial development.

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You can try asking those voted for Tharman, why he/she voted for him. The answers would be “just vote for him” without reason! I reckon, the likely reasons in their minds: That he is independent. That would be very obvious he is not and never will be! So they like the idea of ownself check ownself. Now that the checker is from the same gang, it would be easier. Another answer would be, he is well known nationally and internationally. That’s because they like to have more FTAs and CECAs. He can speak better than the other 2 and more… Read more »

he was a fake oppo all along… so fast quit

2 old men wasted all Singaporeans’ time to queue to vote.
Each of them cannot even get 25% vote in the end.
In Singapore, only PAP can fight PAP.

Sleazy old fool can back to meditation and barbie doll.


Already said, if you win I will jump down. Luckily got back his deposits? tsk tsk tsk

Now got more time to spend with my Barbie doll and pets.

Thank you Singapore