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Compassionate M’sian man braves filthy drain in drenching rain to save kittens

Amid heavy rain, a man bravely rescued stranded kittens from a drain. Known as Uncle Cat, he’s a loyal customer and caring stray feeder. His heroic act, captured in a video, deeply moved netizens.



MALAYSIA: A heartwarming incident unfolded recently as a man fearlessly submerged himself into a mucky drain during a heavy downpour to rescue stranded kittens, leaving netizens deeply moved.

Kittycat Grocery, a pet supply store located in Subang Jaya, Selangor, shared a touching video on their TikTok account.

The narrative featured a loyal customer who not only frequented the store but also cared for strays.

This compassionate individual embarked on a daring mission to free kittens trapped within a drain.

The tale commenced when one of the kittens was noticed directly beneath the grate of the drain.

Despite summoning fire and rescue personnel to the scene, their efforts were hampered by the requirement to break the grate to facilitate the rescue.

Unfortunately, the owner of the premises where the grate was situated refused permission for the action.

Recalling the event, the store’s representative stated, “The fire and rescue team advised us to depart, expressing concerns that the mother cat might avoid returning to retrieve her kitten with us present.

However, we were apprehensive due to the imminent rain.”

As raindrops began to fall and the drain rapidly filled, a benevolent stray cat feeder known as ‘Uncle Cat’ stepped up to the challenge.

Braving the elements, he fully immersed himself in the drain through a neighboring, open grate and successfully rescued the stranded kitten.

Uncle Cat submerged himself into the drain filled with rainwater during a heavy rain (TikTok: kittycatgrocery)

To their astonishment, another tiny kitten was discovered within the drain.

“The rainfall intensified, and the water level in the drain surged.

Leaving the kitten there could have resulted in a tragic outcome.

Given the drain’s unclean environment filled with debris, worms, and rats, we felt compelled to take action,” they recounted.

Following the successful rescue, the kittens were brought into the store, where they received much-needed cleaning and care, and are up for adoption.

The rescue video was posted last Saturday (26 Aug) and has garnered 728,300 views as of the time of writing.

Netizens are moved by Uncle Cat’s selfless act

After the video captured the attention of online users, numerous inquiries arose about the courageous individual behind the rescue of the tiny kittens, affectionately known as Uncle Cat.

Swift to address the curiosity of netizens, the pet store promptly offered insights.

They revealed that Uncle Cat, whose true name is Patrick Yii, is a regular customer at the store.

He visits on a daily basis to purchase wet food, which he uses to nourish stray cats in the vicinity of Subang Jaya, Selangor.

The moniker “Uncle Cat” was bestowed upon him by the store’s staff members.

Furthermore, it was shared that Uncle Cat, also employed as a masseur, exhibits unwavering dedication in his routine of feeding stray cats.

He never skips a day, regardless of circumstances.

The rescue video received various reactions from netizens

The majority lauded Uncle Cat for his willingness to venture into the dirty drain to save the kittens, a task beyond the capacity of the Fire and Rescue personnel.

One netizen expressed concern that the lives of animals were not treated seriously, citing the store owner’s refusal to permit the breaking of the drain grate.

Queries about the availability of the adorable kittens for adoption at the store also populated the comments section.

Uncle Cat himself engaged with a comment, informing a netizen that the two charming kittens had indeed found new homes through adoption.

You can watch the heartwarming rescue video here:

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