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Agitated cyclist interrupts Ng Kok Song’s walkabout in Clementi Central, shouting “Tan Kin Lian”

Clementi Central was thrown into chaos during presidential candidate Ng Kok Song’s walkabout as an aggressive cyclist barged into the crowd, shouting obscenities.



SINGAPORE: A man on a bicycle twice charged into the crowd gathered around presidential candidate Ng Kok Song at Clementi Central on Tuesday, shouting obscenities and gesticulating menacingly.

“The incident occurred near Clementi Mall around 7 pm while Mr Ng was on a walkabout, just three days before the polling day of the Presidential Election 2023. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, according to a statement from the candidate’s team.

Mr Ng, at the time, was captured in photographs alongside his fiancée, Sybil Lau, and several members of the public.

He had wrapped up a media interview and had been addressing the residents for about half an hour when the agitated man, donning a red T-shirt, emerged near the mall’s fountains and charged into the throng.

Charles Ng, the younger sibling of the presidential hopeful, intervened, placing himself between his elder brother and the belligerent man, gesturing for him to leave and highlighting the disruption he was causing.

Ignoring the pleas, the intruder demanded that Mr Ng “go home” and hurled profanities. The situation led the campaign team to momentarily suspend the photo-taking activity.

Although the man momentarily retreated, he made a second appearance, forcing Mr Ng and his team to divert towards Clementi Mall in an attempt to steer clear of potential harm.

The crowd, most of whom were supporters of Mr Ng, pursued the intruder who, intriguingly, yelled out the name “Tan Kin Lian” several times before making his exit.

The police, notified of the incident, arrived approximately 15 minutes later. While Mr Ng’s team clarified that they had not lodged an official report, they acknowledged a concerned citizen who took the initiative.

Charles Ng, addressing the media as they awaited police, underscored the paramount importance of public safety. He elucidated that relocating Mr Ng was a measure to de-escalate the escalating tension.

While the evening’s schedule initially directed Mr Ng towards Clementi 448 Market and Food Centre post his media interaction, this plan was derailed by eager supporters yearning for photographs.

The incident took another twist when questions arose linking the aggressive cyclist to another presidential candidate, Tan Kin Lian. In a statement addressing the CNA’s inquiries, Mr Tan claimed ignorance of the man’s identity and hinted at the advisability of Mr Ng filing a police report.

Mr Tan’s campaign further emphasized that if the disruptor was indeed a supporter, his actions were independent and unendorsed.

Netizens on CNA’s YouTube video criticised the intruder’s action and asked why the police did not intervene. They expressed their belief that the intruder would have been arrested on the night itself.

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(extremely sickeninNG)
cookie jar-dippiNG/
Stinkypoora’s most shameless & aged, camwhoriNG/
boss-suckeriNG aka balls-suckiNG

tok KOK

sing SONG

Black ops?

Remember how dirty some people can be.
Politians can even fake their own assassination attempt.
This kind of drama is to fool the naive!

One look, he must be from SAF, sent by someone.
And we are going to nab him.

While I support TKL doesn’t mean I condone such behaviour even if he is a TKL supporter. This method seem more like another team modus operandi to try to cast other in bad light with the help of their ownself rated ownself media to spread to as much audiences as possible in order discredit someone to overturn their flagging campaign. Since they mentioned that they did not make a police report and someone else did, whether with their knowledge or not, why should they wait for the police other then wanting to publicise the matter. Support TKL for the betterment… Read more »

Clearly to Paint TKL voters a bad name. Staged

Can this gentleman be one of pappy’s IBs “dressed up” as a supporter of TKL just to further discredit his campaign.Anything can happen in today’s SG.Hope our “reputable” police force can get to the bottom of such irresponsible act.Nonetheless , comes September 1st those who intend to vote for TKL remember to use your 🖊️🖊️to “X” the appropriate box on the ballot paper just to be “safe and sure”😎😎😎

Much ado about nothing. Sure, there’s a place and time for most things and it’s best to be calm and controlled, at the best of times. But, … it’s no different to individuals, a few years ago donning t-shirts with the words “Fuck the PAP” on it !!! People express their support in different ways, … in their own ways !!! Of course, it’s only right that one is civil, controlled and non~confrontational, but, … it’s a bleep and let’s just forgive the crass nature of this individual’s approach, and move on. His message, somewhat coarse and vulgar, but nonetheless,… Read more »