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30-year-old cyclist interrupts Ng Kok Song’s walkabout sent to IMH after expressing self-harm concerns

A 30-year-old man, who confronted presidential candidate Ng Kok Song’s walkabout on Tuesday evening, voluntarily reported the incident to the police.

After independently approaching the police to report the incident, he expressed self-harm tendencies, leading to his apprehension and transfer to Institute of Mental Health (IMH).



SINGAPORE: After disrupting presidential candidate Ng Kok Song’s walkabout in Clementi Central on Tuesday evening, a 30-year-old man voluntarily visited the police to report the incident and has now been taken to the Institute of Mental Health (IMH).

According to an official statement, the police received calls around 7:05 pm on Tuesday concerning a man who reportedly shouted at Mr Ng near a shopping mall along Commonwealth Avenue West.

Although the individual had left the scene by the time police officers arrived, the Clementi Police Division managed to ascertain his identity and initiated a search for him.

Concurrently, the man went to the Clementi Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) on his own around 7:45 p.m. to submit a report about the incident.

“During the engagement at the NPC, the man mentioned about harming himself, and the officers assessed that he posed a danger to himself,” said the police.

Subsequently, he was apprehended and transferred to IMH, with his family being notified.

in a video shared on CNA, the man on a bicycle can be seen charging into the crowd around Ng Kok Song, shouting obscenities and making threatening gestures.

Mr Ng was with his fiancée and the public after concluding a media interview, when the agitated man disrupted the gathering near a mall’s fountains.

Despite intervention by Ng’s brother and a disruption in the photo-taking activity, the man persisted, mentioning “Tan Kin Lian” before leaving.

In response to the incident, Tan Kin Lian’s campaign team issued a statement urging their supporters to uphold respectful behaviour towards all candidates and members of the public.

” While we cannot confirm if the individual involved is a real TKL supporter, Tan Kin Lian would like to take this opportunity to request that all his supporters behave in a respectful manner to all candidates and members of the public.”

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This may be another incidence for smear campaign!

Tan K L please get ready!

This fella is harmless, he’s just forgotten his daily medicine.
Or either he’s just realised the ruckus he’s kicked up so plan B is to go tell the cops he’s a looney that intends to do something to himself so to avoid any form of prosecution.
Plead insanity they say.

US all potentiol President running for the post have Secret Service protection.
Here in your country you have grass root , ball lickers ,porlumpar as protection officers?😆😆😆
But for dark horse Botak, he surely have state protection officers when he goes on campaign.🤣🤣🤣