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Malaysian teacher falls victim to US$8,121 online scam while attempting to purchase Munchkin cat

A Malaysian teacher was duped in an online scam while trying to buy a Munchkin cat.

Initially drawn by a Facebook ad offering the cat for RM600, she ended up losing RM37,750 (approximately US$8,121) as she fell victim to successive payment requests for false expenses.

The online community stresses pet adoption and the importance of providing love and care.



MALAYSIA: A local teacher fell victim to an online scam, losing RM37,750 (approximately US$8,121) in her attempt to purchase a Munchkin cat.

As reported by Kosmo, Superintendent Arshad Abu, the District Police Chief of Alor Gajah, stated that the incident took place when a 39-year-old teacher was lured by an advertisement on Facebook offering a Munchkin cat for RM600 (approximately US$129) on 23 August.

According to him, the victim proceeded to buy the cat and initiated an initial payment of RM300 into the designated account.

Superintendent Arshad later disclosed in a press statement that the victim was asked to make additional payments from 24 to 26 August, for wildlife licensing, international flight costs, and an import license for the cat from a foreign country to Malaysia.

The teacher then made transfers of her funds in stages, totalling RM37,750.

Additionally, he added that the teacher realised she had been scammed and went to the Alor Gajah Police Station to file a police report on 27 August.

The case is being investigated under Section 420 of the Penal Code.

“The public is advised to be cautious and not easily trust offers for online sales and to promptly call the National Scam Response Center at line 997 if any suspicious activity is suspected,” said Superintendent Arshad.

Netizens react by encouraging others to adopt, do not shop

A majority of netizens commented with, “Adopt, don’t shop” under a post on social media platform X regarding the case.

Another netizen commented that there are numerous stray cats available for adoption.

They also mentioned that it would be truly unfortunate if such a situation occurred to an individual who is unwell and approaching the end of their life yet has always harboured the dream of having a cat.

The subsequent comment emphasized that all pets can be equally lovely and beautiful, just like pure breeds, once they receive love and care.

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