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To give ourselves a slap or to deliver a slap heard from Ang Mo Kio to West Coast?

Augustine Low presents a pivotal choice for voters: continue with the status quo or signal change. In a landscape dominated by the People’s Action Party, Tan Kin Lian emerges as a beacon of hope for those seeking an alternative, evoking memories of President Ong Teng Cheong’s scrutiny from 30 years prior.



by Augustine Low

There are many who say Tan Kin Lian is not their first choice.

But more and more, he comes to the fore as the best choice, the only choice, when people realise they are faced with this option: to elect a President that guarantees more of the same or to elect a President to signal change?

For more of the same, we can’t go wrong with Tharman Shanmugaratnam or Ng Kok Song.

For change, the choice is clear: Tan Kin Lian.

Had Dr Tan Cheng Bock been eligible to run, he would have been the first choice. Had Lee Hsien Yang been able to return to Singapore to contest, he would have been a formidable candidate.

But the bar has been raised so high that Dr Tan Cheng Bock is ineligible while circumstances have conspired to prevent a Lee Hsien Yang contest for the presidency.

And since George Goh has been disqualified, who is there left as a magnet for voters but Tan Kin Lian?

Due to the walkover in 2017, people are raring to make their vote count because the fear is that there may not be another opportunity the next time around.

With further tinkering, the likes of Tan Kin Lian might not even qualify in future.

So this could be the last chance saloon for voters – it’s now or never!

A vote for Tharman (or Kok Song) affirms that the President must always be a People’s Action Party (PAP) person or an establishment person, someone with longstanding ties to the ruling party or the political elites.

A vote that says the presidency – like so many things in this country – must stay within the family, the PAP family.

A vote for Tharman is a vote for the status quo, for a President who cannot conceivably be any different from a President Halimah Yacob, a President Tony Tan, a President S R Nathan.

It is saying this country cannot rise above one party, this county must have a Parliament that is PAP-centred, this country must have a President with the PAP symbol on his forehead.

For those reasons, Kin Lian is the best choice for many. He becomes the conduit to send a powerful message to the PAP.

At least there is hope and expectancy that he can channel the angst and concerns of the people. He can probe and he can scrutinise.

The last one who probed and scrutinised with diligence was President Ong Teng Cheong some 30 years ago.

Let it not be said that the people do not have a choice. We do have a choice unlike in 2017.

We can show that despite all the concerns and complaints, we are happy with more of the same and we want the presidency to stay within the PAP family because ownself check owneslf is the only way forward for this country.

That is giving ourselves a tight slap.

Or we can show that we have had enough, the PAP does not have be here, there and everywhere, and it’s time for a President without the PAP stamp of approval, but who brings hope and expectancy to the people.

That is delivering a slap to signal change, a slap that reverberates across the country.

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I tell you local dafties something you already know. In an event that so fluke that ah TKL got elected, dishonorable son and his merry men sure got back up plan to make changes and restrictions on the in- coming President. So much so that President Tan K L is only ceremonial role and is only needed to cut ribbons or be guest of honor ! You local daft folks just cannot win here. TKL win, you also lose, Botak or Cock Song win, you daft local surely lose. The only way to correct all the 60 over yrs of… Read more »

I say we give such a big slap that Ong Lai comes in last. LHL will wonder what happened. Then come general election, another big slap. He will step down in disgrace.

If you all want 100% PAP gahmen, vote for Ong Lai. But after don’t KPKB about everything.
Already too many good jobs given away to foreigners even our parents slog to send us to the best universities but still not good enough to compare to a CECArian. They (MIW) created this deal and when we approach them for help they say ‘No free lunches’
If Ong Lai take the throne, bye bye better all locals pack and go. Opposition also cannot help you because gate key and door key in the same hand.

I have this naggy feeling that TKL could still turn out to be a PAP plant, or what they call a “sleeper agent” in spy novels, a manoeuvre to achieve the same goal.

But no matter, what’s important is that he’s perceived to be the candidate that’s anti-establishment. If elected, the message will be sent to our political overlords that we’re not pleased with the way things are going.

Opposition mps, please ensure that CPIB disclose everything.Check on all ministers salary to see if the accounts department correctly did the salary.If giro bank is DBS,then verify with CEO Gupta.If other banks,then show which bank and the amount.Numbers are important and all avenues must be checked to give Iswaran a fair trial.

I’m posting this same message in different threads.My intention is not to get Likes or downvotes!I feel it could be the 3rd killer blow after Ridout & ho Ching’s salary(may it be for security or prevent manipulation.Hope the opposition mps ensure it.

Pap voters living in denial of the reserves secrecy problem and flaw in policy and conflict of interest in TM as 2nd key when pap pm will be the one requesting drawdown .

They should be honest and not condone what is bad for the country.

Should civil servant provide ministry info to that double wrist watch guy for his personal use?

Where is iswaran?

Are SAF BG Tan and Cheng still having affairs committing acts of Adultery?

CPIB ,please hurry up,With integrity and impartiality,please diclose and to have insufficient investigation ,have to check other ministers salary to make sure and conform all salaries and bonus are correctly done.Is good that the mp of Ridout still around,then GE 25 two more GRC may be taken.In the meantime,send TKL into Istana to do Rackey, and Recon,and opposition MPs keep an eye on CPIB stuff and we continue here posting and spreading.Dont stop until they are stopped!

Vote Tan kin Lian as he has got a higher chance to spring a surprise,do think out of the box stuff although he say collaboration and soft power if elected?Just hope he goes bonkers(good type) and tekan them,make them busy and who knows TKL might find something while in Istana.Just vote TKL to show your discontentment ,thinking they completely control and is their playground.

It seems like pure arrogance that they think that “giving” Tharman to us as the next president this time is sufficient peace offering to atone for kelonging the last PE. Remember Singaporeans are ENTITLED to vote for their president. The last PE was rigged such that Singaporeans were DEPRIVED of their constitutional rights to vote. This shows the current pap is dishonest and scheming only for themselves, at best. Just saying that they are giving Tharman, a senior minister within their ranks, to be president there has to be an ulterior motive behind.

Just have to be “safe and sure” when casting our votes as anything can happen in “LALA LAND”.For those intending to vote for TKL please REMEMBER to use your own 🖊️🖊️ to”X” the appropriate box on the ballot paper.😎😎😎

Voting for TKL also means we refuse to confirm to the decorum of the EP set up by the PAP, according to their rules and regulations. A brilliant mind will refuse to be controlled. We may find extraordinary new participants in the next GE if we say no to the establishment candidates. Majulah Singapura.🇸🇬

It’s a dawn of a new era!

If cotton sheep prefer botak or ah cock to be status quo, things will be the same as before.

Then, don’t ever cry father cry mother as life will continue to be heading to doom days

Give a slap to LHL on behalf of his father for destroying his legacy. Give another slap on behalf of brother and sister for being an evil son and useless brother controlled by his dowager wife.

I say we give the botak head a tight slap. Ought to make him regret ever trying to make fools out of us.


The dilemma for 50 odd years – do cotton producing sheep understand what is what, know how to select what’s good for THEIR CHILDREN, THEIR GRANDCHILDREN, for themselves in 20, 30 years time, for instance, when they QUIT working statutorily or by physical compulsion?

The dilemma for 50 odd years – do cotton producing sheep understand what is what, know how to select what’s good for THEIR CHILDREN, THEIR GRANDCHILDREN, for themselves in 20,30 years time when they QUIT working?

You need to hands to clap. Better still Singaporeans, use both your hands to slap tightly one in each cheek. Let the sound reverberate from one ear to the other so the establishment wake up once and for all. Singaporeans have been taken for granted for decades. The establishment told your father the need to build up the reserves for your sake. They then tell you the reserves need to grow for your children sake. Soon they will tell your children the need to grow the reserves for your grandchildren sake. If you have had enough, then use your two… Read more »

Vote TKL = No need the “ownself check ownself ” liao…..We can sleep peacefully

If you want a clown for a President, vote TKL. Make Sg the laughing stock of the world.

No one AWARE old man chase after girl all the way to U.S. ?

What is wrong at staring pretty girl pictures? I stare at girls in MRT trains. They don’t loved to be praised they are pretty? SO I pretend to sleep in the trains?

Why no AWARE comments on why girls wear low cut dresses. If its not the girls faults, why make it an issue ? What do you think?

The PAP don’t need to be slapped. They are already working hard for the people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just remember that!

I say we slap TKL for preying on pretty girls.

The locals particularly those MGs and PGs are balless. They are so dependent on anything PAP, that to these kinds without PAP means without a means to survive!
You folks need to wait another 20 to 30 yrs for these breed to….completely….die off!😆😆😆😆

100% agree! May not be another chance! Why waste this golden opportunity?

Vote like our lives depend on it. Don’t slap ourselves and then complain why like dat, why like dis? Grab this chance! Go go go! Let’s unite.

Vote TKL for change. Vote to slap the PAP to wake up. Vote like it’s now or never!!!

Please,… no more signals .. How many amber light signals, red signals..?? Just vote non-PAP… and we will be much better off. If not, the PAP will resume play with new rules and they will laugh all the way… I wont mind if they laugh all the way… till they die, but they wont. So, lets not have any PAP around please. Haven’t we had enough of the rubbish quality at such a high price..?? Nothing will happen to our Island in the sun when PAP is kicked out. If anything happens, it is probably the PAP’s doing… they have… Read more »