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11-year-old Malaysian boy triumphs in 100m race with underarm crutches, backed by teacher’s encouragement

A 12-year-old Malaysian boy overcame disability to complete a 100m race using crutches at his school’s sports meet.

Supported by his teacher, the video gained attention as his determination impressed many, showing the power of encouragement and resilience.



KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA:  An 11-year-old boy with a disability successfully completed a 100m race using underarm crutches during his school’s sports district meet.

Competing in the semi-final race of the Integrated Special Education Programmes (PPKI) in Jerantut, the young boy identified as Muhammad Aqil Naufal represented his school’s sports team.

A video shared by user faridkamaruddin18 on TikTok shows Aqil running, aided by his crutch and all the while being wholeheartedly supported by his teacher, who remains by his side, guiding him every step of the path until they reach the finish line.


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Although he arrived at the finish line as the final participant, his determination to finish the race garnered admiration from many.

Proud mother and teacher

Speaking to Harian Metro, a Malaysian news outlet, Aqil shared that he has always been active in playing sports, especially in football.

Aqil, the eldest of two siblings, said he joined the race after much encouragement from his teacher and attended four days of training before race day.

He also admitted having felt a little nervous during the race. However, despite the nerves, he was determined to finish the race like his other friends.

“It was my first time to take part so I was embarrassed to stand next to the other participants but I continued running even though my pants almost fell because I thought that whatever happened, I wanted to finish the run even if my friends were already far ahead,” he said.

Aqil further mentioned that reaching the finish line brought him a sense of relief, and that “it feels good especially when the teacher comes to congratulate me,” he said.

Following this race, Aqil expressed the possibility of participating in upcoming sports competitions if the opportunity arises.

He revealed that his left leg had to be surgically removed in 2015 due to a bacterial infection, and he had also lost his father two years ago.

Zulaikha Jusoh, the 35-year-old teacher who provided him with support, said that she was proud of Aqil, and made the decision to run alongside him during the race as a way to encourage him.

Prior to the race’s commencement, she assured Aqil that her intention was not to pressure him to win. She simply wished for him to partake in the event.

Regrettably, Aqil’s mother, Noor Hafizah Mat Desa, aged 36, couldn’t witness his race due to work commitments.

Thankfully, Aqil’s teachers shared photographs and videos of his race with her. Noor Hafizah felt immense pride in her son and described him as her primary source of motivation.

She mentioned that any mother in her position would feel a sense of pride.

Furthermore, she highlighted that previously, Aqil had a fondness for playing football, but she never impeded his wishes.

“My main concern was that he understands how to maintain his well-being, as I didn’t want Aqil to feel excluded,” she added.

Aqil’s sportsmanship earns praise from online community

Additionally, netizen extended their congratulations to the boy for his accomplishment, lauding his admirable sportsmanship and resolute determination to complete the race.

They were also deeply moved by the teacher’s unwavering support and motivation for the boy.

“Great student and teacher, congrats.”

One user expressed their gratitude to the teacher, and congratulated the boy, “You win in our hearts,” the user said.

Another user jested, “Who is cutting onions here, or am I just soft? Both of their effort is so touching..” they said.

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