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Tan Kin Lian’s son counters online smear campaign: Identifies girl in viral photo as TKL’s granddaughter

Son of presidential candidate Tan Kin Lian, Tan Boon Keng, defends his father against a circulated photo controversy.

He highlighted distorted posts featuring a “maliciously” angled image of Tan Kin Lian with a small girl on Nomination Day.

Additionally, he clarified that the girl is his daughter and Tan Kin Lian’s granddaughter.



SINGAPORE: Tan Boon Keng, the son of presidential candidate Tan Kin Lian, has taken a stance in defending his father against a recent online controversy.

This follows the circulation of a social media photograph depicting the senior Tan alongside a little girl.

In a late Thursday night Facebook post, Tan Boon Keng addressed the issue.

He pointed out the presence of manipulated posts containing a “maliciously” angled photo of Mr Tan Kin Lian holding a little girl on Nomination Day.

These posts were accompanied by numerous distasteful and offensive comments.

Upon investigating both TikTok and Facebook, it was uncovered that the photo had been shared by a TikTok user named @i.yey.

Within the comment section of the post, several other TikTok users also left derogatory remarks, demonstrating a lack of awareness about the actual context.

Furthermore, another post circulated on the online media platform “The (TMSG)” Facebook page.

This post featured an edited image of Tan Kin Lian and was accompanied by a caption that tauntingly advised Tan to “Keep your hands to yourself”.

On the flip side, several other Facebook users have shared a post from Tan Kin Lian’s son, where he offered clarification regarding the situation.

These concerned netizens are now advocating for the page in question to remove the post and issue a formal apology to Tan Kin Lian.

A comment aptly called out those who have resorted to such low tactics in an attempt to discredit a candidate.

Clarification from Tan Kin Lian’s son

Tan Kin Lian’s son has provided a clear explanation regarding the girl featured in the controversial photo.

He revealed that the young girl is, in fact, his own daughter and serves as the granddaughter of Tan Kin Lian.

Mr Tan explained that she was supporting her grandfather on the field on the Nomination Day, and was excited to see him when he came over to the rail for photos.

“She ran over in excitement calling out ‘Yeh Yeh’. My father, Mr Tan Kin Lian then reached out to hug his granddaughter over the railing. ”

“This is a loving moment between a grandfather and his granddaughter but the photo was maliciously angled and captioned. ”

He went on to criticize those who chose to distort this heartfelt interaction.

“For those of you haters who took such a loving moment and smeared him, shame on you. ”


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Nothing can change the fact:

We do not want a Ownself Check Ownself President. What do you think?

With so many white internet brigade in social media platforms. What do u expect?

Can anyone give your opinion as to whether there exists a brand of “ink” which would turn colourless within a short period of time after it’s applied as a print on special paper.As we now know a new device has been introduced to assist voters mark the little “box” in the ballot paper.Your comments please 😅😅

When Halimah hand over to Tan kin Lian,he will praise her, beautiful president.That will make her last day as president a memorable one.

Vote Tan kin Lian.Imagine with his sweet mouth 👄,he praise all the countries first lady beautiful.To win the heart of the leaders,you have to praise their wifes and children.Of course his true love is Hong, if not how to stay together for 50years? Those who married know someone not right,is a torture even for 1 day!

Opposition MPs,please make sure the CPIB disclose everything about iswaran because his case may cause a big shakeup.If you think more disclosure is needed(national security reasons) ,then inform the president ,if you suspect the president can’t do much,then inform the judge,if you want more ,inform the AG,if all cannot make decisions then inform the prime minister.Very sure the PM will do the right things.He has the integrity and very trustworthy.You cannot trust others .Luckily we have a trustworthy government in the pap. They handled madam ho salary well.if people know how much she earn,they can guess our reserve! and manipulate!They… Read more »

Need to have a more gentlemen behaviour!For opposition supporters,if we keep insulting wife and girlfriend,aren’t we behaving the same way as ⚡. As for anti Tan kl, please keep the innocent little kid out.Please find something else if you can.We beat them and sent them packing at the next GE . Please continue to harp on their deadly spots which are Ridout &Ho’s salary! and hopefully Iswaran case spring a few surprises.

Just heard Josephine Teo said-if you don’t show data, people will have their own interpretation.So to prevent from being pofma,whenever we suspect anything,we add suspect without proof or data shown behind the sentence to cover ourselves..And we quote her!So from now on we can suspect everything.Hope CPIB can disclose everything regarding iswaran (Salary,perks,etc….).

1)You cannot boost birthrate and take the easy way out -import!
2)you cannot win ping pong -import!
3)You cannot win arguments -slam file.
4)You can’t show proof -pofma!
5)you can’t punish Ridout minister -exonerated!
6)you can’t disclose hos’salary-secret!
7)you not really good at covid-hindsight!
Very easy to be ministers.My niece asked me what occupation should she do when she grows up.?I told her pap ministers!But I doubt she has the chance.She only 10 now.

Singapore is so small ,easier to manage yet pap not so capable!I can also do meet the people session.Very easy ,all the organisation and structure are there to help.The MPs just write a letter.Even opposition gain power,the country will move forward.Dont over estimate yourself,saying world leaders appreciate you.You think Xi Jin ping, Biden give you a second look?

Yes Desmond Lee,we want to have a change of government like you said about Lee Hsieng yang.Although highly paid but the government is not capable enough!1)The hokkien gang gave Singapore a bad name. 2)The maid Parti jail time very disheartening. 3)pofma is a easy way out because you can’t explain and show proof. 4)Ridout-disaster, elderly waking up at 5am to work and meet needs and the ministers wake up at their bungalow to hear birds chirping! 5)$99 million salary if true,even madam Kwa Geok Choo will shake her head. 6)no foreign workers asked for apologies during covid-blatant behaviour! Please show… Read more »

SG should not be having a Old KiaSu who never succeed without unfair means. Smear Campaign should not be encouraged especially when someone has majority support.

There are no God

So confirmed there is really an IB of pappies-doggies out there, hor?

If similar smear news or falsehood postings against the pappies’ choice of candidate(s), be sure that site will be prominently highlighted on state media/MHA, and ordered to take down the postings immediately.

They smear is ok, others smear them is not ok. This is the pap’s vision of Swiss standards for Singaporeans, hor. Achieved under the Dishonorable Son, indeed.

How come no o e say anything about 75 year old NKS eyes up on 45 yrs old tender grass?

As long as when handing over of president from Halimah to Tan kin Lian,he don’t whistle and take pictures of Halimah.Some cheeky men are actually harmless!Just choose Tan kin Lian to dampen pap confidence since is only a ceremonial post.

If they said 1 or 2 companies cannot qualify for Presidential candidate for George Goh, then George Goh should only submit 1 to 2 companies for Income tax to IRAS . What do you think?

All these smear campaigns can be arranged by you know who and it is just the starting. This is local propaganda. The foreign interference will be coming soon by their cronies or proxies to paint bad light on someone since they cannot openly support their man due to partisan reason. They could also paint a scenario that election ruling was breached.

This is either done with TarMan knowledge or not, but by keeping quiet shows someone true character.


Is there anything wrong admiring pretty girls, Praising pretty girls? Don’t pretty girls love to be praised?

Why not AWARE that girls some dressed to loosely? Who to blame ? Can we blame the girls? No!!

tsk tsk tsk

Smear or not TKL who likes pretty girls is my choice and not the botak or the Casanova who also likes pretty girls, not only that but 30 years younger than him. Shameful! Shameless!

I am not surprised people like to smear him. If one follows the political scene long enough one should know tkl is not a very well liked figure. His social media posting and comments were constantly mock and make fun of. Being a pap members, chairman of his constituency and chief of ntuc insurance for years he suddenly comes out wanting to associate with opposition to win votes. That action irk people. Perhaps that is the reason he lost his deposit and couldn’t get support from more renowned. He is of people no other better choice than vote him. That’s… Read more »

If T/man does not come out to chastise those who smear in this manner,
then his call for a clean and dignified campaign is just disingenuous!

Although president is almost a ceremonial role but hope Tan kin Lian elected because he is the one who have a high probability to spring a surprise , not pineapple 🍍 or Catman 😺.Keep the fire going towards 2025 GE.

How far will the Establishment go to ensure their own candidate wins is also telling, we have to worry about the reserves. It should make TKL aware that he has no friends in the PAP and not to be delusional about relationships with the PAP. This is an awful, disgusting political party which wants to stay in power on its own terms not by the State’s Law and Order.

Where got use Pineapple 🍍 as symbol one.If Tharman didnt tried hard to be Prime minister who have more power to help, why bother trying president. Should use crocodile 🐊 or crab 🦀.They are more powerful.

Tharman, you asked for the election to be conducted in a dignified and honourable manner. So far all the dishonourable and undignified conduct is directed at Tan Kin Lian. Either you are a hypocrite or you need to manage your supporters better.

Pretty girls and those who consider themselves pretty will support TKL. Ugly ones like Ho Ching will reject him. On balance he will have more support. Good luck!

The smear campaign has gone too far. Will backfire for sure.

Stooping so low, suggests that the establishment, … or the supporters of the establishment are a wee bit nervous !!!

Just like how they smeared Dr Chee, … left, right and centre during the BB BE.

What TKL and Dr Chee share in common, is that, … they’re not of the establishment and although convinced that Tharman will “walk it”, … the powers that be and it’s “carriers” rather just squash and sully the reputation and credibility of all “outsiders”, from the outset !!!

All this is inspired by AWARE. I m sure. AWARE is instigated by some ugly PAP’s women MPs in its membership.

What this tells you definitely that Tan K L is not with the establishment.

Vote Tan to encourage future candidates from the private sectors. To avoid having the need for an Indian masqueraded as a Malay President.

Despicable establishment candidates supporters and IBs.