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Presidential candidate Ng Kok Song declares himself “non-partisan” in nationwide broadcast

In his first presidential candidate broadcast, Ng Kok Song positions himself uniquely in the electoral fray, championing an independent presidency untouched by party affiliations, aiming for a unified and brighter future for Singapore.



SINGAPORE: In the first presidential candidate broadcast, aired across 19 free-to-air channels in all four of Singapore’s official languages, presidential candidate Ng Kok Song identified himself as a “non-partisan candidate”.

The broadcast was at 7pm on Thursday, 24 August.

In his speech, the former GIC Chief Investment Officer emphasized his belief in the need for an elected president who has neither been a part of, nor endorsed by, any political faction.

“The president should be independent of any political party so they can exercise their pivotal duties without fear or favour,” Ng stated.

Highlighting the affiliations past presidents had with the ruling party, Ng set himself apart by emphasizing his independence.

He stressed the importance of a presidency that stands “above the partisan politics of Parliament” and championed the need for “independent, capable men and women” to answer the call when needed.

Maintaining that the nation cannot take the continuity of good governance for granted, Ng warned against an “ownself check ownself” mentality.

Drawing parallels to the corporate sector, he underscored the importance of an “external check that functions like an independent external auditor.”

Although not endorsed by any political factions, Ng showcased his remarkable 45-year service record, noting roles that had him overseeing reserves at the GIC and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Reflecting on his milestones, he said, “I have spearheaded the growth of Singapore’s financial services sector and navigated GIC through various crises, moulding it into a world-class institution.”

In his commitment, Ng promised to work “constructively and impartially” with the current administration, assuring that his participation would be impactful without being disruptive.

He highlighted his deep understanding of “how the governmental apparatus operates”, vowing to never shy away from voicing urgent issues, irrespective of their complexity.

Moreover, Ng reiterated his dedication to voicing the concerns of the youth, the elderly, and vulnerable groups, to ensure everyone progresses in Singapore’s journey forward.

Concluding his address, Ng encouraged Singaporeans to fortify the nation’s constitutional governance, underscoring his non-partisan perspective.

“Differences in viewpoints and political leanings should not create rifts in our society,” he opined, stressing the power of communal actions for societal elevation and cohesive progress towards a promising future.

Ng, together with Tharman Shanmugaratnam, a former senior minister of the People’s Action Party (PAP), and former NTUC Income CEO, Mr Tan Kin Lian, will deliver their speeches in the upcoming broadcast, scheduled for 30 August at 7 pm.

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This Cock Song is so arrogant to tell voters who had yet to vote at the polls and booed at him to ” Get out of my uncaring Elite face”.
Guess if he ever become President which is a long long shot, he will obviously tell the common folks to ” Get out of his Uncaribg Elite face” too!😆😆😆😆

So they declared the Kelong Queen as a Malay, everyone believed, hor? They said she will be a “unifying” president – yet GE2020 saw the WORST polarization among voters (aka Singaporeans) in our history. How much “unifying” has been done since she was appointed (NOT elected)?

Ownself can Declare Ownself Anything, hor. Politics 101.

I dunno but I still can’t seem to trust you. Because of your previous affiliation with all the other crooks in white. I take this as your marketing strategy and can give you that much but I think we need TKL to take us forward and not some person who’s probably in the same Whatsapp group as the crooks.

How to be independent, when you have worked with the GICs and have $3b of our reserves in your account?

Ng depends on taxpayers’ money, given by the PAP, for his business, so you think he can be independent?

I find nks tcb alike, even better as he has the gic experience. He puts himself forward to serve as a president, with a heart and truly independent. Don’t think he is pushed by government as it makes no sense to split votes with their backs candidate. Hence, I will urge all to cast your vote on nks, no wrong.

If only NKS can make elephants swim in deep ocean & big blue whales walk on land, then I buy his words … lol

Change if heart, my vote will go to you. Though there are things that I don’t like, your young fiancee and your past association with government, you sound more sincere and upfront, unlike those who claims independence but still have strong linked and backing and those that promises the sun and moon but cannot deliver. Your past experiences make you a good fit and you know your job as a president. You clearly know the job scope and boundaries conditions, and I believe you can make a good president. I will urge my family and friends to vote you.

NKS: stop throwing smoke you are independent . Who is your boss?

If you win, I jump down. tsk tsk tsk

If George Goh is not qualify based on 5 companies turnover, then why IRAS tax his 5 companies? Might as well tax him based on 1 company.

Any comments?

How can he independent while being beholden to GIC and TH both are outfits of the PAP government period!You cannot hide from the truth.

George Goh is still the Entrepreneur. What do you think?

No point telling us you are from GIC and Independent? thank you

Its a No, No for me MR NKS !!!

Sorry can’t feel your sincerity.

I dun buy tis marketin on social where tis guy go around tellin people he is the guru of FOUNDER, Tat foto shown FOUNDER is abt his final days where FOUNDER need peace n rest. Tat foto should NOT be used! Use ur own skill&protential, tat FOUNDER foto is NOT RIGHT!

NKS’s sponsor is perhaps giving him instruction how to rouse the “independent” seeking Singaporeans up such that they vote for him and split their intended vote for TKL. Though the PE is not a political election, it’s as dirty as it gets. Since the PE is non executive in terms of power, then anyone will do right? But then again, since two of the three are establishment’s candidates, you wonder why they are the establishment’s candidates to begin with? Therefore wouldn’t it make sense that TKL becomes the default choice for the sake of “independent”? I suppose we will all… Read more »