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Malaysian netizens bewildered by oddly placed electric pole on village road

In Sarawak’s Belaga district, an oddly situated electric pole in the middle of a village road caught attention after a resident’s Facebook post went viral.

The hazard prompted the Royal Malaysia Police’s intervention and sparked discussions among amused netizens.



SARAWAK, MALAYSIA: A resident from Belaga district in Sarawak recently posted on Facebook about a bizarre sight of an oddly placed electric pole in the middle of a village road.

His now-deleted post has become a topic of discussion among netizens as the pictures have been shared among social media users.

Source: Clarence Chin

According to a report by Borneo Network, a resident of the village, took to his Facebook account to express his surprise at the “unique” situation that had unfolded before him.

He remarked, “While such instances are often subjects of online jokes, this time I witnessed it firsthand.”

Source: Clarence Chin

The odd sight of a newly paved road equipped with a weirdly placed lamp post also caught the attention of the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) when it went viral on social media.

This situation also posed a risk for road users to collide with the lamp post.

“After the lamp post incident went viral, several people came forward to complain about almost hitting the post, especially at night,” Clarence said.

As a result, the Belaga PDRM took action by closing half of the road to prevent any unwanted incidents.

Source: Clarence Chin

Malaysian netizens amused by weirdly placed electric pole

The peculiar view entertained a lot of netizens, as well as some were in disbelief as to how the lamp post could be placed there.

“This means they did the project even though not getting approval yet. The government, please investigate before any accidents happen.”

“Whose fault, I don’t know. Engineer, contractor, or the Malaysian Public Works Department (JKR).”

VAnother Facebook user replied, “When JKR doesn’t want to cooperate with the contractor. The contractor wants to do the project quickly, but JKR is stalling. This is how it turns out.”

“Endangering road users. It is hoped that the authorities will relocate the streetlight pole before any undesired incidents occur for the road users in that area.”

A Facebook user replied, “They never think about other people’s lives, they only think about their pocket (money).”

A Facebook user inject humour into their comments, jokingly said, “This is the tourist attraction in Belaga. Think positive.”

A few others mentioned ‘Cap ayam’ (Chicken brand) to indicate that the project is low quality or not good.


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