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Caffeine confessions: the story of a Starbucks cup’s unusual message

In an extraordinary twist, a man embroiled in a lover’s quarrel conveyed his grievances via a Starbucks cup. The barista, known as @taararichie on TikTok, painstakingly transcribed his emotional complaints, giving an unconventional twist to expressing affection amidst discord.




MALAYSIA: This individual finds himself in the midst of a lover’s quarrel, resorting to an unconventional method to communicate his grievances.

Seeking an outlet for his frustrations, he approached a Starbucks barista in Malaysia to transcribe his complaints onto a coffee cup intended for his girlfriend.

Numerous avenues exist to exhibit affection and convey emotions to one’s partner.  Among these approaches is the act of sending food or beverages as a gesture of sentiment.

This particular tactic is often employed, especially during periods of discord between romantic partners.  A comparable incident unfolded at a Starbucks outlet in Malaysia, orchestrated by a coffee consumer.

An account on TikTok, belonging to the Starbucks barista under the handle @taararichie, documented a distinct and captivating order received from a patron on August 15th.

In the video that has been seen for more than 90 thousand times, it can be seen that the customer, via an order note, made a distinct request for the barista to transcribe a series of extensive complaints onto a coffee cup intended for his girlfriend.

What sets this occurrence apart is the extent to which the barista embraced the unconventional appeal.

The barista diligently transcribed the buyer’s extensive sentiments onto the coffee cup.

The buyer’s complaint was an intricate blend of introspection and emotion.


The customers write a long letter to be written on the Starbucks cup (Photo: TikTok/taaararichie)

The text began with a salutation to the barista followed by a request to write on his behalf, directed at ‘Mya,’ also known as ‘Hazirah,’ the recipient of the coffee cup. T

he contents of the complaint delved into the buyer’s bewilderment over his partner’s actions and his own sense of emotional detachment.

The buyer expressed feelings of abandonment, asserting that his partner’s actions felt insincere and questioning her motives.

The complaint concluded by speculating about her preference for involving others in communication instead of addressing him directly.

The public’s reaction to this incident was varied

Some found amusement in the audacity of the buyer’s approach, while others deemed it a considerable inconvenience for the barista.

Online commentators proposed alternative solutions, like attaching the complaint to the cup’s exterior rather than inscribing it, to alleviate the barista’s predicament.


Netizens comment on TikTok.

Netizens also laughed because of this man’s efforts to contact his partner, but some find the effort of the man is cute because he still try to finds a way to talk to his girlfriend despite his anger.


Netizens comment on TikTok.


Netizens comment on TikTok.

This man’s endeavor to communicate with his partner during a dispute led to an extraordinary and unconventional strategy, involving a Starbucks cup as a medium for conveying his feelings.

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