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Suspected bomb threat triggers evacuation and lockdown at Singapore’s MSE Office

The Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment office at 40 Scotts Road, Singapore, received a suspected bomb threat on Wednesday morning, prompting evacuation and building lockdown.

Authorities are being approached by media for official confirmation on the incident.



SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE) main office, situated at 40 Scotts Road, reportedly received a bomb threat on the morning of Wednesday (23 Aug).

As reported by Singaporean Chinese media outlet Lianhe Zaobao, a reader provided a tip-off that the ministry’s office building had received a suspicious bomb threat on Wednesday morning.

Notices were displayed within the building, alerting occupants to an ongoing emergency and initiating a lockdown protocol around 9.30 am.

In response, all employees within the premises were swiftly evacuated to the entrance, and the building was placed under a state of lockdown.

Zaobao further reported that both the MSE and the Singapore Police Force were being contacted by the media to confirm the details of the incident.

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It seems someone is real pissed off out there! Maybe linked to the recent spate of events where removing key figures to the criminal underworld has caused a reaction.
Let’s see how our competent leaders deal with this? Snakemugam anything to say?

Must have offended those money washing clan.
With that much money awash, anything is possible.
Papa should have told sonny, sonny you don’t play play with those money washers.
If they cannot buy you, they can bring you down in more than a trillion ways!
Sonny thought he was smarter than Papa.😆😆😆😆