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Netizens touched by Malaysian social media influencer’s heart-warming birthday surprise for helper

In a heartwarming gesture, Malaysian social mediainfluencer Elecher Lee Ka Nihad made waves as she treated her helper, Sumi, to a special birthday bash.

Documenting the joyful event on Instagram and TikTok, Elecher celebrated Sumi’s second birthday celebration, marking a significant moment in Sumi’s life.



MALAYSIA: The act of kindness displayed by a social media influencer who celebrated and pampered her helper on their birthday is winning the hearts of netizens.

Social media influencer and YouTuber Elecher Lee Ka Nihad organized a special birthday celebration for her domestic helper named ‘Sumi’ and celebrated the day together.

She documented the joyful moments on her Instagram and TikTok account with the caption, “Kali kedua menyambut hari jadi Kakak. You deserve it,” expressing that it’s their second time commemorating “Kakak” (Sumi)’s birthday because she deserved it.

On Elecher’s Instagram account, she made a post saying how before this Kakak has never even blown on a birthday cake candle.

“So this year I want her to forget, let her enjoy life for a day,” she said, tagging the post with #elecherpunyakakak hashtag.


Kali kedua menyambut hari jadi Kakak You deserve it 🎂✨ #happybirthday #harijadi #elecherpunyakakak

♬ original sound – Elecher Lee – Elecher Lee

Starting with a delightful surprise of a new dress, she took her helper to a beauty salon for hairstyling and makeup.

“I have never worn a dress before, this is so cute!” Sumi said in the video, thanking her employer for the thoughtful gift. As they were driving, Sumi also thanked God for the blessings received on her birthday.

In the video, Sumi shared that despite being 38 years old, she had never stepped foot inside a salon before.

The makeover left the helper completely speechless, and she couldn’t hold back tears at the love displayed by her employer.

Additionally, she also enjoyed a manicure, pedicure, and a relaxing leg massage.

The day came to a close as the entire family assembled for a celebration, joining in to cut her birthday cake together.

Netizens happy seeing the mutual kindness and love within the relationship

The majority of the comments applaud the employer’s affection and benevolence towards her helper, emphasizing the presence of a reciprocal bond of love and respect between them.

Someone remarked that this is the manner in which a considerate employer should interact with their helper, acknowledging and valuing the benevolent gesture exhibited by the employer.

One user commented that “the beauty of the (employer’s) face is matched by the beauty of the heart.”

Others express gratitude for the employer’s thoughtful actions towards the helper, noting that this positive relationship will also have a positive impact on the children in the family.

They extend their thanks for the affection demonstrated towards the helper, indicating that this could become a precious memory for her in the times ahead.

Sumi featuring in product review video and photoshoot

The strong connection between employer and employee is also apparent to people through Elecher’s inclusion of Sumi in videos and photoshoots for product reviews on certain occasions.

Netizens love the content and the “collaborative” efforts between the two.

“Kakak poses is so good!” is a sentiment echoed by some of them.

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