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Ng Kok Song: Safeguarding Singapore’s Three National Treasures in Presidential Bid

Former GIC chief, Mr Ng Kok Song, articulates his vision for Singapore, emphasizing the nation’s reserves, public administration integrity, and social stability. Drawing from his 45-year public service experience,

Ng appeals for Singaporeans’ trust and votes as he pledges to safeguard these national treasures in the upcoming presidential election.



Singapore’s political sphere is astir with expectation as the country prepares for its ninth elected presidency.

Former GIC investment chief, Mr Ng Kok Song, 75, former People’s Action Party senior minister, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, 66, and former NTUC Income chief, Mr Tan Kin Lian, 75, successfully filed their nomination papers on Tuesday before the noon deadline.

This was announced by the Returning Officer, Mr Tan Meng Dui, at the nomination centre located in the People’s Association headquarters in Jalan Besar.

In his acceptance speech post-nomination, Mr Ng articulated a clear vision for Singapore’s future.

He passionately commits to prioritizing and safeguarding what he considers the city-state’s three defining national treasures: the reserves, public administration’s integrity, and cherished social stability.

“I worked 45 years in the public service. I have what it takes to uphold the integrity of public service appointments.”

His extensive experience also saw him at the helm of the Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX) – precursor to the current SGX Group – as its founding Chairman.

“I’ve fortified our reserves during my tenure at GIC and MAS. I have the expertise to protect them,” he emphatically stated in his speech.

In a display of unity and outreach, flanked by his fiancée Sybil Lau and ardent supporters, Mr Ng spoke in Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil, rallying the citizenry for their backing in the imminent elections.

Mr. Ng highlighted the nation’s bedrock – social stability, shedding light on Singaporeans’ harmonious existence beyond race, religion, or political biases. “Being neutral from any political affiliation positions me uniquely to unite Singaporeans, steering them through future challenges,” he claimed.

He concluded his impactful address with a sincere appeal, “I implore for the trust and votes of my fellow Singaporeans for these three core reasons.”

Mr Ng served as the Chief Investment Officer of the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC) from 2007 to 2013. Earlier in his career, between 1985 and 1986, Mr Ng held the esteemed position of Director at the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Mr Ng also served on the board of SGX Group from 2013 to 2018. His expertise was also sought by Temasek Holdings, where he was a board member from 2003 to 2005.

Beyond these roles, Mr Ng showcased his entrepreneurial acumen as the founder of the asset management firm Avanda Investment Management which received a staggering US$3 billion (S$4.05 billion) from Temasek Holdings in 2016 to manage.

With the nominations of the three presidential hopefuls accepted, the candidates are geared up for a rigorous campaign, culminating in the pivotal polling day on 1 September, now marked as a public holiday.


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(extremely sickeninNG)
cookie jar-dippiNG/
most ages camwhoriNG/
boss-suckeriNG aka balls-suckiNG

tok KOK

sing SONG

Now telling us safeguarding of reserves, Independent, Unit ….blah blah blah…LoL

Did he safeguard MAS $30.8 billion loss from our reserves? Or did Tharman helps to safeguard?

Most suited for cutting ribbons. My opinion. tsk tsk tsk

The lastest that this Cock Song might lose his deposit instead of TanKL

His display of arrogance and that damned facial expression when he booed when interviewed the media, shows that damned look of “GET OUT OF MY ELITIST FACE” expression.

As they say, to know the true color and character of a person, all one need to do is to subject that person to an awkward and uncomfortable suituation and see how he respond.

NG COCK SONG..YOU HAVE DONE YOURSELF IN…when you blew that chance to show how tolerant a.person you are one fxxking elitist SOB!😆😆😆😆

NKS will lose his deposit. Just my humble prediction.

Laugh die me : Safeguarding Reserves?

Anyone mentioned or talk about MAS $30.8 billion losses? Is it from our reserves?

How to be independent if a pappy President and PM are from the same white party? How?

❤ Election: 1. We do not get to Choose candidates to step forward to run for election. They choose themselves. 2. So we only get to make use of the Voting to express our stand. 3. Vote to show A. disapproval of excessive Elitism B. Reserves Secretcy which allows future gov turned rogue to Hide all major losses from the Trusting People. Secretcy policy allows fastest way to bankrupt the reserves. C. Vote against candidates that are friends of the 1st Key holder which defeats the purpose of 2-key system. D. Vote to stop Further Erosion of Good Governance. Use… Read more »

As GIC ex-investment chief, he should tell us how much GIC actually lost, aka minus the constant influx of public funds to grow/maintain its portfolio. What was the actual net gain in GIC investments over 20, 15, 10 years without the infeed of subsequent public funds? If this cannot tell public, then what make us think he can (or will) tell if our reserves is preserved or used prudently? President OTC sensed something wrong with our reserves and asked. Did this NKS do something similar in GIC (I am sure there were many questionable investments), or he was the one… Read more »

Ng Ko(k) Song should try to “smile” less. His open mouth “smile” looks like LKY’s slack jawed look when he had lost his grip on reality. And started dabbling in mysticism and meditation. Which is EXACTLY what this NKS is proposing to do.

So, with Ng, SG will have more safeguard. That’s more secrecy in the name of safeguard.

So he admits Singapore’s Human capital (aka the tru-Singaporeans) is NOT considered one of our national treasures. No wonder the Kayu Son couldn’t bother to resolve our TFR issue, and only keep using import of labor to grow. Bet this guy’s staff never like working for him in GIC, only give him lip service because he is their boss.

TS: 100% PAP, no commercial but only government experience as FM, DPM and SM. No defined in his duty.
NKS: 50% PAP, half commercial, half government experience in GIC and now his own businesses. Clearly defined his duties in 3 treasures.
TKL: 30% PAP, full commercial experience running NTUC Fairprice. Half-defined his duties.

Is his investment company a conflict of interest if he still owns it as president?

Oldie ah Cock keeps making motherhood statements. His experience, his neutrality, looking after reserve, blah, blah,….

What’s about man in the street? Are u going to raise issues, costs of living, housing prices, health costs, etc.

As usual, Cock enjoys displaying his half, objectifying $ybil thing.

Many wp voters will fall for this.
I decided not to vote.

NKS with fiancee younger than daughter is the true lecher. Why AWARE silent about it?