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Mysterious man with ‘Fujian accent’ seeking repentance wants to donate S$10 million to build a temple in Singapore

In the recent S$10 million money laundering case in Singapore, several of the apprehended individuals are suspected to have entered the country prior to 2019. They engaged in local communities and new immigrants’ organizations.

A temple authority unveiled an intriguing event where a man offered a substantial S$10 million donation for a temple, claiming repentance.



SINGAPORE:  On Tuesday (15 Aug), the Singapore Police Force (SPF)  apprehended ten individuals and confiscated assets, including properties and luxury cars, with an estimated value of approximately S$1 billion (equivalent to US$737 million).

These ten individuals were charged on 16 August. Their identity being reported are:

  1. Su Haijin (苏海金), 40, a Cypriot national
  2. Su Baolin (苏宝林), a 41-year-old Cambodian national
  3. Su Jianfeng (苏剑锋), a 35-year-old national of Vanuatu
  4. Zhang Ruijin (张瑞进), aged 44, a Chinese national
  5. Lin Baoying (林宝英), 43 years old, a Chinese national
  6. Chen Qingyuan (陈清远), a 33-year-old Cambodian national
  7. Vang Shuiming (万/王水明), a 42-year-old Turkish national
  8. Su Wenqiang (苏文强), a 31-year-old Cambodian national
  9.  Wang Baosen (王宝森), a 31-year-old Chinese national
  10. Wang Dehai (王德海), a 34-year-old male Cypriot national

Su Haijin was reportedly holding multiple positions as a director or shareholder in various companies. He is said to be actively engaged in social activities, allegedly sponsoring the Singapore President’s Charity Golf Tournament.

He has also extended support to various associations and, in return, has been bestowed with the title of honorary chairman.

Sources informed the local Chinese media, Lianhe Zaobao, that several of the accused are believed to have arrived in Singapore in 2019 or earlier.

They were active within some local communities and also participated in organizations catering to new immigrants.

An article posted on Singapore’s Sian Chay Medical Institution (善济医社) website in 2021 mentioned individuals with the same names as four of the accused in this case.

Su Haijin, Su Baolin and Zhang Ruijin couples, each donated S$100,000 to a local charitable organization in 2021

These four individuals are Su Haijin, Lin Baoying, Zhang Ruijin, and Su Baolin. The article noted that Zhang and Lin are a married couple.

The article expressed gratitude, stating, ‘Special thanks to the families of Su Haijin and Ms. Wu Qin (伍琴), the families of Su Baolin and Ma Ning (马宁), and the families of Zhang Ruijin and Lin Baoying.’

It mentioned that these three couples each donated S$100,000 to the charitable organization.

However, the aforementioned article has since been removed from the website. Zaobao reported that Toh Soon Huat, the Volunteer Executive Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution, has yet to respond to media inquiries regarding this matter.

A source shared two screenshots with Zaobao, displaying names identical to the accused, Su Haijin and Lin Baoying.

One screenshot is from the Tianfu Association Singapore, posted on the WeChat account ‘Voice of Tianfu Association Singapore(新加坡天府会之音)’ in December 2021.

It mentioned that several individuals, including one named Su Haijin, would be appointed as permanent honorary chairpersons of the club.

The other screenshot is from September 2022, published in a Zaobao advertisement congratulating an honorary chairman of the Club for receiving a Public Service Medal. One of the well-wishers is named Lin Baoying.


The chairman of Tianfu Association Singapore denied Su Haijin was a permanent honorary chairman in his association

Tony Du, the chairman of the association, was sought for clarification by a Zaobao reporter regarding whether Su Haijin was a permanent honorary chairman of his association.

Du responded via text message, stating, ‘No,’ and denied the claim.

When the reporter presented the screenshot and inquired again, he replied, ‘None of this information is correct.’

When asked if Su Haijin and Lin Baoying had any affiliation with the Tianfu Club or were connected to the case, he responded, ‘There is absolutely no connection.’

Enigmatic stranger’s lavish offering puzzles local temple authorities

Meanwhile, Shin Min Daily News reported that a person in charge of a local temple has disclosed an intriguing incident involving an individual who claimed to be seeking repentance.

This mysterious man proposed a generous donation of S$10 million to facilitate the construction of a temple, expressing that “any temple would do.”

The informant, who shared these revelations with the local Chinese media, recounted that shortly after the commencement of this year’s Lunar New Year, an affluent devotee with a distinct “Fujian accent” approached him while driving a luxurious vehicle.

The devotee expressed a heartfelt desire to contribute S$10 million for the establishment of a temple.

“In his 40s, the devotee asserted his desire to atone and give back to society. With this intention, he expressed the hope of securing a piece of land to erect a temple.”

“It didn’t matter what deity it was dedicated to, and he even expressed interest in living there in his old age.”

The source mentioned that since the individual indicated that he was not a citizen, he inquired whether the person had a local company or other business, as he was curious how the person could stay in the area for an extended period.

Despite the inquiry, the person failed to provide a satisfactory response, abruptly leaving the interaction.

Subsequently, the informant disclosed that due to the individual’s reluctance to disclose his identity and his insistence on involving them exclusively in the temple construction, he unequivocally declined the proposal.

“We cannot accept funds of uncertain origin or exceeding the s$10,000 limit, as it could potentially lead to trouble.”

It’s noteworthy that prior to this encounter, the informant had encountered this particular devotee on multiple occasions, both alone and in the company of another individual.

They would arrive at the temple in a lavish vehicle to offer incense, often leaving substantial sums of cash, equivalent to several thousand SG dollars, in the donation box. These actions have left a lasting impression.

Additionally, the informant made reference to information they had come across years ago.

There were rumors of a group of individuals from Fujian engaging in extravagant real estate purchases, yet their identities and backgrounds remained shrouded in mystery.

Indeed, it was earlier reported that one of the arrested individuals, a Chinese national from Fujian, is alleged to have acquired 20 units at CanningHill Piers for an estimated S$85 million in June last year.

Notably, one of the suspects, Su Haijin, was reportedly a shareholder or director in multiple companies and had purportedly received S$36.37 million for a pair of adjacent bungalows in Sentosa Cove.

Real estate implicated in these high-profile cases will be confiscated by the government and auctioned off after the legal proceedings conclude.

On Friday (18 Aug), the Singapore Police announced that an additional eleven properties have been subjected to prohibition of disposal orders in connection with the case.

This brings the total count of properties under such orders to 105, following the previous issuance of 94 properties. These orders effectively prevent the suspects from selling these properties.

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This is what the dishonorable son likes….dirty money from CCP. Afterall, this was nothing new, since father time ,Indon Chinese , jiu hu kia tycoon dirty money was already coming in into any shit. Only the CCP now are more….enterprising! These Tiong know how to run shoulder with who and who and even showing their ‘charitable spirit’ funded by dirty money. These Tiong know the PeeA Pee characteristic….a need to show case their ‘fine’ reputation to the world….they make PeeA Pee feel good as well keeping their property market buoyant! Money does make the world go round afterall, this is… Read more »

Can meet 500m criteria for president ?

The next group of criminals doing the same in some other country will probably be Singaporeans. Our govt. has freely given out passports to wealthy foreigners in the past decade. The country that had the best reputation in the world for law and order is today turning into a haven for criminals, thanks to the PAP.

The two residents of Ridout should be packed with them for Xi’s education programmes.

One doesn’t amass 105 properties overnight. The group of 10 must have done so after at least several years. That MAS only acted after so many properties had been bought shows that they either didn’t care that money laundering on a massive scale was happening under their noses, or are totally incompetent in their detection. Either way, MAS needs to come clean and explain how such a situation came to be under their watch.

The infusion of Fujian gangs may be only the tips of the ice berg. SG GOV should also beware of gangs, mafia , etc from all over the worlds. They would use tactics to make themselves look good. Tactics like donations to temple, churches etc. They may start and support charities associated to the disables, mental challenged, sports, etc.