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HUSH TeaBar presents monthly TeaRituals for Deaf and mental health communities

HUSH TeaBar, a community empowering Deaf and mental health groups, readies for another monthly TeaRitual, offering a unique experience of silence, sign language, tea art, and sharing.

The initiative aims to provide respite amid daily challenges, especially in the face of a fast-paced tech-driven world and uncertainties.



SINGAPORE: HUSH TeaBar, a community dedicated to empowering the Deaf and individuals with lived experiences of mental health challenges, is gearing up to host its next monthly TeaRitual as an integral part of the immersive HUSH experience.

Each month, the HUSH community gathers to embrace the essence of the TeaRitual, an enchanting journey that combines silence, sign language, the art of tea, and meaningful connections.

The goal is to offer “a much-needed pause amidst daily hustle and bustle. More so now with the dizzying pace of technology, with mounting challenges of an uncertain and volatile world,” as stated on their page.

The “HUSH@Community” event is scheduled for the following dates: coming Saturday (26 Aug), 30 September, 28 October, 25 November, and 30 December.

These enriching gatherings will take place at the welcoming venue of “The Social Space – Duo Galleria.”

Delving into the HUSH experience

Upon joining, participants will get the opportunity to engage in their highly-acclaimed 4-zone Hush Experience, including:

  • learning how to sign emotions and mindfulness breathing techniques from a deaf facilitator,
  • learn how to drink tea slowly with a guided TeaRitual,
  • experience a therapeutic art expression using tea ink, and
  • a reflection sharing with a group, connecting with each other in a human-centred manner.

“Let our Deaf facilitator guide you through a journey of self-discovery and listen to your heart speak as you uncover new awareness,” the post said, encouraging others to support their cause and movement so they can keep going and growing.

Heartwarming moments of connection

On 31 July, HUSH TeaBar took to Facebook to share insights from their recent session.

Founder Anthea Ong and Manager, Hush Experience Team Lily Goh and Low Kok Wah orchestrated the session, weaving together a tapestry of meaningful experiences.

The participants of the prior HUSH session joyfully recounted the heartwarming experience of witnessing strangers morph into a tight-knit community.

During this gathering, the ethos of sharing positivity and delving into each other’s challenges, aspirations, and ambitions was vividly evident.

The potency of this bonding experience was further amplified by the profound reflections and artistic creations that emerged during the TeaRitual. These expressions encapsulated the essence of the session and added an extra layer of depth to the connections formed.

Remarkably, the participants acknowledged the challenge of revealing emotions to unfamiliar faces. Nevertheless, they underscored how the power of silent camaraderie and shared instances fostered a remarkably robust bond among them.

“To see a Deaf facilitator leading the session in sign language and to experience it without sounds, is something unreal yet real,” the post wrote.

It’s essential to note that the capacity of the venue restricts participation to a maximum of 15 individuals, underscoring the importance of early registration to secure your spot.

“Your involvement will inspire more deaf individuals, people in mental health recovery, and supportive volunteers to join our cause,” they said.

Lily Goh, the Manager of the Hush Experience Team, shared her personal insights: “At Hush, our mission extends beyond a single session. We’re deeply committed to promoting mental wellness and fostering self-care.” Goh places significant emphasis on Hush’s Silent TeaBar workshops, which offer attendees a rare opportunity to introspect, all while enjoying a calming tea ritual.

When asked about her personal connection to facilitating a Hush experience, Goh conveyed the empowerment she feels in expressing herself through her native Singapore Sign Language (SgSL). Not only does it allow for genuine expression, but it also champions the importance and uniqueness of sign language.

On Hush’s identity as a Deaf-led impact business, Goh was candid. She emphasized the distinctive perspective Deaf employees bring to the table, one which isn’t readily available with non-deaf employees. “For many of us, Hush isn’t just a job. It’s a beacon of hope, offering Deaf individuals like myself invaluable opportunities to learn, grow, and better our lives,” she concluded.

Additional details and ticket reservations can be accessed here.

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