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Singaporeans prioritize national interest over self, recent PAP survey discloses

A recent People’s Action Party’s Policy Forum (PPF) survey revealed that most Singaporeans prioritize national unity and national interests. However, younger generations showed less confidence in upholding these values.



SINGAPORE: The People’s Action Party’s Policy Forum (PPF) recently unveiled a survey emphasizing that a majority of Singaporeans prioritize national unity and the importance of national interests over sectional or self-interests.

The PPF, a platform designed to deepen understanding of policies and the policymaking process, and foster robust engagement with government leaders, found that while older Singaporeans remained staunch in their belief of upholding these values, the younger generation appeared less confident.

Notably, nearly 9 out of 10 respondents emphasized the significance of Singaporeans’ ability to face challenges and adapt for a brighter future.

This sentiment resonated most robustly among business owners and entrepreneurs, standing in stark contrast to students and the employed demographic.

These insights come as a prelude to the launch of the PPF | Insights dialogue series on 26 August 2023.

This inaugural event, titled “Tripartism: Past, Present and Future”, also doubles as a tribute to the centenary of Singapore’s founding Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. The series, marking the PPF’s ongoing commitment to driving change and championing forward-thinking policies for Singapore, is headlined by luminaries such as past and current PAP Chairmen – Mr Lim Boon Heng and Mr Khaw Boon Wan, and Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for Economic Policies, Mr Heng Swee Keat.

For this online survey, conducted between 28 July to 6 August 2023, approximately 1,500 valid responses were collected.

Drawing inspiration from speeches by Mr Lee spanning 1955 to 2012, the questions aimed to reflect themes he often revisited.

Respondents were introduced to select quotes before formulating their answers. Any potential bias by sex, age, or race was appropriately weighted during data analysis.

Josephine Teo, a prominent member of PAP’s Central Executive Committee and the Minister for Information and Communication, shared her thoughts on the findings: “In the light of this year’s National Day Celebrations emphasis on moving ‘Onward As One’, it is heartening to witness the resounding belief in national unity among Singaporeans. As we navigate an ever-evolving global landscape, Singapore’s unity stands out as our most formidable strength.”

Comprehensive survey results and dialogue highlights will soon be accessible on the Party’s website and its social media channels.

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Self Interest is the only Altruism. What national Interest over self?
National Interest depends on who defines it.

Yes National Interests comes first !!!

Did they listen to the ground?

Many many Singaporeans prefer a NON-PARTISAN President !!! What do you think?

“….Notably, nearly 9 out of 10 respondents emphasized the significance of Singaporeans’ ability to face challenges and adapt for a brighter future. This sentiment resonated most robustly among business owners and entrepreneurs, standing in stark contrast to students and the employed demographic….” ——— These 2 statements seem to indicate that there is something wrong with the way the survey was conducted. If 9/10 thinks more of national interest (ability to face challenges & adaptability), then it means students and the employed (i.e.: workers, employee) made up only 1/10 of the participants. Is this then a FAIR representation of the ground… Read more »

I wonder if any of the people who would “prioritise” Singapore’s “national interests” would be willing to surrender their passports and never ask for a fresh issuance for the rest of their lifetimes. I am certain that all of them would refuse.

Last edited 7 months ago by Blankslate

Can we do our own survey and published results? Hahahaha….

Those who sponsor or do the surveys, do so with one objective in mind. And that is to show, prove, demonstrate that those surveyed agreed with their objective. For example, paper towel manufacturers who commissioned surveys on hand dryers will have findings that show drying hands by hand dryers leave behind lots of germs and bacteria because the air from hand dryers simply circulates them within the washrooms. Hence it’s not surprising that those tasked to do the PAP survey will generate the above findings and conclusions. This perhaps is to deflect all the negative sentiments of late on the… Read more »

KS should be made Chief Justice for a better singapore. 🤣🤣

I m waiting for ownself survey ownself on the Ridout Bungalows rentals INTEGRITY value of fairness.

Last edited 7 months ago by the trishaw

How is ownself survey ownself reflective truly of blue Sheepgaporeans? Tell me how I can go for harakiri.

Only 5.5/10 Voters vote PAP – is this survey UnSheegaporean?

Last edited 7 months ago by the trishaw

Last week another Ownself survey also showed that the Singapore Premier league is bigger than the Spanish La Liga, according to the Ownself respondents/participants of the survey. Unbelievable? Using Ownself criteria for survey, of course any Ownself result is possible. Remember even a Presidential Election can be kelong, so kelonging surveys should be child’s play.

Oh,just read something from three weeks ago.Just to clarify?Did CPIB informed PM first before they are going to investigate iswaran or they have already started then they informed due to sop.But I still stand by my previous post that the head of CPIB is someone of the highest integrity.

The head of CPIB is someone of the highest integrity, independent from every department of Singapore.CPIB serve Singaporean ONLY.Very sure will disclose EVERYTHING.

Last edited 8 months ago by Warren

Yes I agree with you.Maybe CPIB discovered Iswaran getting LESS salary as the published ones and all other cabinet ministers also volunteered to have paycut to help more citizens during difficult period.If that’s the case we must doublely be grateful because they do it quitely without wanting to be appreciated.

Laughable. How contradictory it can be right?

Firstly, the team that wanted to do the survey would have wanted “positive results”. Otherwise, they will be kicked out of the Committee.

Then those that they engaged and paid well to do the survey, do you think they want to break their rice bowl for future businesses?

So what to do? Maybe they go selective on who to be surveyed and maybe even what can be chosen to reply.

After national day rally which is very important,then the next day,set up a debate to discuss Why Ridout clause 3.1&3.2 are not followed stringently and also the salary of CEO who invest our Nations’money.Once and for all ,debunk all suspicions and convince the citizens.In this way,votes may come in and you can concentrate to make Singaporeans life better.

Things are brewing and getting intriguing.What if the CPIB discover Mr iswaran giro salary was LESS than the published one because he personally asked for reduction and use the money to help the country, underprivileged….
Can a minister personally ask for reduction?Then he made up the loss from the reduction by investing shrewdly .

Ownself Survey Ownself. The conclusions are as Ownself expected.

But didn’t a president’s son was allowed to prioritize self-development first over serving his NS obligation (aka national interest)

CPIB case been a while may be quite serious.If really done wrong,then do something for Singaporeans .Spill the beans so that future leaders can learn a lesson.(wrong doers may not be completely bad,they can be used as a bad example).

Ask not what your government can do for you.

But ask what your government CAN DO TO YOU!

DBS (majority owner -singapore)CEO latest salary package as reported about 15million.Our cabinet ministers should be paid about the same for their hard work .Then In my opinion,they will feel more appreciated for their service .Ex MP said by becoming Minister,lost about 100million if he stayed in his job.What a sacrifice!Thanks so much.

I prioritize national interest over self. That is why I am voting for opposition.

They are not saints. All fallible. Ask SAF BG the adulterer.

Give me one good reason why such public info dissemination from kiasu is not for their self interest?

So, … it’s what the people can do or sacrifice for the betterment of the nation, right. That’s the crux of what “this” survey reveals, right ?!!!

So, when will the follow~up survey that’ll apparently show that most citizens trust and believe in this government, its policies and direction, … appear then !!!

Propagated narratives, be it via surveys, editorials or related testimonials, still have a place and role to play, … in naive and gullible SillyPore !!!

It was because of national interest, citizen voiced out our discern of government policy, but it was the government that POFMA us for doing so!

Usually it’s the oppie supporters who are selfish people. They never think of the country. Anyhow vote for opposition

Survey = arbiter of Truth?
Who checks the survey?

haha very funny. become homeless and no food to eat, still think of “national” interests like fixing the opposition issit? fuck u understand. polls are rigged.

This is for a feel good factor prior election. After that this bunch of citizens becomes free riders.

We are prioritising national interest which is why we need to vote Pappy out to save our beloved country.


Long Live Singapore. Loong Leave Singapore (after he pays for all his wrong doings).

Own self Survey Ownself.
New Technik.

they have a database of the 61%
survey them and the outcome is very predictable.

pAp however doesn’t reciprocate the loyalty n dedication of its citizens. They will sell the country for money. The unregulated issue of citizenships n sg passports to foreigners is a good example of their betrayal!

Yes, we will unite to vote the traitors out. Please refrain from making it seem that you are part of the people. You are not one of us.

Leopard cannot change its spots.

Our aim is just to Lower TM vote share. That will be a success already. The Super Majority is not changeable due to ideological bias so unlikely to vote for independent candidate but their candidate 😅

This is great