New homeowner discovers condo littered with rubbish left by previous tenant

Condo left in a mess by previous tenant (Pic: Ben's Social Club/Youtube)

SINGAPORE: A homeowner was left distraught after discovering her newly-bought condominium was left in a filthy and cluttered state by the previous tenant.

Amanda, the homeowner, was taken aback when she saw that her new home in Singapore strewn with trash, as depicted in a recent video re-uploaded by TikTok user Ben’s Social Club on Tuesday, Aug (15).


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As shown in the video, the area was littered with rubbish, extending from the living room to the laundry area.

Clothing, food waste, plastic bags, and various other forms of rubbish were spread across the dining table, sofa, TV counter, and the floor.

Similarly, the two bedrooms in the apartment displayed similar situations, characterized by untidy beds and rubbish present in practically every corner of the rooms.

The condition of the bathroom was also poor, particularly upon noticing the damage to the corner of the sink counter.

“There are piles of electronic cigarettes around the house and many cigarette butts in the kitchen sink. I was speechless (when I saw it),” Amanda said, as reported by AsiaOne.

Previous tenants left without settling rent payment and bills

Amanda stated that their failure to clean up their mess wasn’t the only problem. They also omitted paying the utility bills for several months and departed without paying for their final month’s rent.

She revealed that the apartment wasn’t always really messy because she had visited it before. Back then, a company had rented it for some of their workers.

“There were no major problems in terms of sanitation aside from a bad smell in the house. Later, the company checked out and didn’t renew the lease, so the former owner’s agent rented it to students,” she said.

At first, the agreement mentioned that only two male students would reside there. Nonetheless, she mentioned that a third person, a woman, had secretly come to live there with them.

“I’m letting the police deal with it…”

Despite her dissatisfaction with the circumstance, Amanda chose to move on and deal with the situation.

“Life has to go on anyway, so I’m letting the police deal with it… I just hope that this kind of incident won’t happen again in the future,” she said.


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Regardless of the situation, she maintained her intention to stay in the apartment, and she mentioned that the process of renovating the home had already started.

“The renovator asked if there was anything I’d like to retain in the home. I told them that I want the walls, floor and cabinets all removed –I hate things that are dirty,” she concluded.

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