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George Goh voices discontent over PEC’s rejection for presidential candidacy

Businessman George Goh expressed deep disappointment following the Presidential Elections Committee’s decision to reject his eligibility for the upcoming Presidential Election, despite having presented a compelling case based on his leadership of five firms. Goh commented, ‘I genuinely believe it lacks fairness.’



SINGAPORE: The Elections Department (ELD) unveiled its list of eligible candidates for the forthcoming Presidential Election on Friday (18 Aug).

Former Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, ex-GIC Chief Investment Officer Ng Kok Song, and former presidential aspirant Tan Kin Lian have secured their places. However, businessman George Goh’s application was notably absent.

George Goh, who had previously declared his intention to run for the presidency on 12 June, did not secure the anticipated Certificate of Eligibility due to setbacks in the application process.

In a statement, Goh expressed his disappointment, saying, “I am deeply disheartened by the Presidential Elections Committee (PEC)’s decision to reject my application for a certificate of eligibility.”

“My team and I put forth a compelling case detailing my expertise and achievements in managing five firms that met the equity and profitability benchmarks. Yet, the PEC dismissed our argument, suggesting that my experience did not equate to that of a CEO of a single enterprise.”

Addressing the press regarding the PEC’s decision, Goh commented that it was “a very sad day,” but he harbored no regrets about entering the fray. He mentioned that he had a cadre of advisors, comprising some of “Singapore’s top professionals”, bolstering his confidence in his qualifications.

“Are you implying they were mistaken? That seems improbable. They all come from within the system,” he argued during a press conference at his residence on Friday afternoon. “I cannot reconcile with their decision. I genuinely believe it lacks fairness.”

According to Singapore’s Constitution, presidential candidates from the private sector must have a minimum of three years of experience as the CEO of a company. This company must have maintained an average shareholders’ equity of at least S$500 million and consistently turned a profit.

Goh’s alignment with these stipulations was under scrutiny. He underscored that the combined shareholders’ equity of the five companies under his leadership amounted to S$1.521 billion over three years, surpassing the requisite sum.

Nonetheless, certain legal experts voiced concerns, pointing out that the clause specifically highlights a single organization and does not consider the combined metrics of multiple companies for qualification purposes.

The ELD clarified that reasons for rejections would not be made public, adhering to the 2016 Constitutional Commission’s guidelines. However, unsuccessful applicants, like Goh, have access to the Committee’s reasoning and may choose to disclose it.

Goh expressed to the media that he doesn’t believe he disappointed his supporters. “It’s the decision-makers who let the supporters down. They weren’t ready for change, even once,” he remarked.

With the list of approved candidates now available, attention turns to Tharman, Ng, and Tan. They have until 22 August, Nomination Day, to provide the required nomination documents.

The Presidential Election is poised to be a pivotal occasion. The nomination proceedings are set for 22 August, from 11 am to 12 pm at the People’s Association auditorium. Should the nominations be authenticated and an election be called, the public will cast their ballots on 1 September, a day that will be observed as a public holiday.

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If Mr George Goh is willing to forma new party, we all still can vote for him .HAHA

Please join WP or PSP! What do you think Georgie ?

We the oppies will vote for you

Everything is recorded in history, so to speak.
George can either let history record him as what just happened or he can make it great by demonstrating he selflessly magnanimously backed TKL despite not able to go the next mile. The 2 had a small misunderstanding that’s all. Very common and understandable nothing too big to prevent friendship. This way, he can still help to achieve the independence he desired though not as perfectly as he wanted. No fish prawn is not bad really .

George Goh is a sore loser. Very very obvious. Unfit for office.

Amidst all this noise about who qualifies as a EP candidate, the one thing that is striking is how the PAP government seems determined to place their own in the Istana. It does show how, despite the EP having very limited power, the G seems afraid of an outsider occupying the “throne”. The PAP G seems really paranoid about keeping the secrets of the Reserves away from the public. Now, why is that? And if the PAP G is unable even to deal with an outsider EP (with really limited power), imagine how things will be when (not if) the… Read more »

Let’s all unite and vote for TKL.

Just because an individual is able to run 50 hawker stalls doesn’t automatically make him qualified to run a bank or an IT firm.

This is the result of majority condoning for 58 years uninterrupted.

Let us unite and vote for Tharman!

Unfortunately, the unfairness is as usual condoned by the Ideologically Biased Majority.

The establishment this time has gone too far. But condoned by Majority. Give establishment a Black Eye! Support TKL not establishment candidates

kicked out due to technicality. probably. millionaires’ bureacrats assumed biz owner is not as good as a CEO or a Sudoku salesman like Tan Kin Ah Lian.kek.

If HY was approved, no reason to exclude GG. The PEC is also under the PMO.Thank you GG for trying.Perhaps a new govt. coming in may remove the $500m criteria.

You Do Not Need To Be Sad!
1) Your willingness to Participate
2) The Magnanimity To Serve, Singapore & her people.
3) Your Courage To Achieve So Much, For Such A Cause.

All these Speaks For Itself.
We The People, Thank You.

The criteria needs refinement….Most CEOs are simply too busy to be involved in day-to-day active management of their firms. They have many levels below them that do the hardwork. They preside over the Board of Directors and over top-level meetings where others make their presentation. Yes, the CEO can veto proposals but often he listens to his team. After all, success and failure do not depend solely on the wisdom of one man…it is Teamwork. It is far more challenging to be CEO of Harvey Norman. It is person wealth at stake. Being a Government Minister or sitting in a… Read more »

It’s not one’s capability that counts. It also depends on one’s backing.

The two million dollar question is: Will you now throw your support behind Tan Kin Lian? I mean, if you are all about giving Singaporeans a non-establishment candidate for the somewhat (completely?) sullied office of the president of Singapore?