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Concerns arise over ‘Soda Gembira’: Netizens highlight potential health risks of new drink trend

Malaysian internet users voice concerns over “Soda Gembira,” a new drink with potential health risks. Social media post shows vendor preparing it with condensed milk and soda. Worries of diabetes among younger patients highlighted. Doctor warns of associated complications and urges sugar awareness. Public cautioned about dangers and dietary choices.



MALAYSIA: Malaysian internet users have been expressing their concern over a new type of drink called “Soda Gembira,” which seems to carry potential health risks.

“Soda Gembira” or “Happy Soda” is basically a mixture of a carbonated drink and condensed milk.

Twitter user Dean of Deen shared a video on his account, showcasing a vendor in the process of making the drink.

In the video, the seller began by pouring a generous quantity of condensed milk into a plastic pouch and then emptying a can of green F&N soda into the pouch.

Then, he vigorously shook the plastic bag to blend the two liquids.

The final touch involved adding ice cubes until the pouch appeared nearly full to the point of overflowing.

“Maybe those drinking this, their tongue are numb to the taste of sweetness,” the twitter user stated in his caption.

“Happy soda, happy now suffer later”

A significant number of internet users echo a similar viewpoint, believing that the beverage is unsafe to consume due to its potential to pose severe health concerns like diabetes.

One user emphasize that “Malaysians should not resort to selling food that is harmful and contributes to diseases when seeking their livelihood.”

“Can we stop normalizing things like this? Those creating these type of drink is a problem (because) they’re making it without thinking of health effect,” a user said, and blaming the buyer too for falling for anything “viral.”

She urges the public to stop falling for it, as it is not healthy.

Moreover, she pointed out in her comment that canned beverages are already high in sugar content, and combining them with condensed milk would only increase the risk of developing diabetes.

Another user is shocked by what she sees, “Are you trying to kill people with this kind of drink?” she said.

A user is reasonably confident that even the vendor hasn’t consumed the beverage he prepared, suggesting, “he might even be hesitant to taste it himself,” he said in the comment section.

Diabetes amongst younger patients in recent times

The video has captured the attention of a doctor named Khairy Malik on Facebook, who observed a growing population of younger individuals afflicted by diabetes, a contrast from the usual prevalence among older demographics.

He voices concern over the alarming prevalence of diabetes among individuals as young as 30 or 40 years old.

He further stated in his post, “In addition to diabetes, we are also witnessing the presence of associated complications, including retinal detachment, kidney failure, polyneuropathy, and more.”

Screenshot post from a doctor on FB (Pic via: sinchew)

He encourages individuals to monitor their sugar consumption, acknowledging that he himself does not maintain the healthiest diet in terms of sugar intake.

“At times, we may not perceive the food or beverage as being sweet, yet in reality, the sugar content could be high,” he remarked.

He concluded by stating that this post serves as a reminder for both himself and everyone else to be mindful of their dietary choices, as diabetes is genuinely perilous and challenging to manage.

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pls lah. might as well ban condensed milk. anyone ever comprain about kopi that usually add both sugar and milk? likewise for bubble teh.