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Passing of a TikTok-famous guinea pig brings sorrow to Malaysian netizens

Kalbar, the famous guinea pig, and its owner Fatin Farhana gained love for their firework reaction, but recently, Kalbar passed away. Fatin’s emotional TikTok shared the news, touching millions. Comments poured in, echoing the pain of pet lovers worldwide. Fatin’s tribute captured her gratitude and longing for Kalbar’s enduring memory.



MALAYSIA: Kalbar, the guinea pig and its owner, Fatin Farhana Ismail gained fame for their synchronized reaction to fireworks, a viral moment that captured the hearts of Malaysian netizens.

This instant connection resulted in a surge of adoration from netizens far and wide.

During a live session on TikTok yesterday morning (16 Aug), Fatin, cradling Kalbar on her shoulder, was startled to discover the guinea pig’s sudden stillness.

Upon realizing Kalbar’s passing, Fatin was lost for words and cried in silence.

Previously, Fatin had shared that her beloved pet had been unwell, and numerous visits to the vet had been made in a valiant effort to nurse Kalbar back to health.

Unfortunately, the odds were against them, and Kalbar’s health deteriorated.

In a heartfelt TikTok post, Fatin shared the heartbreaking news of her furbaby’s demise, prompting an outpouring of sorrow from fans and netizens alike.

Within that TikTok tribute, she penned an emotional farewell to her cherished guinea pig, a final testament to the bond they shared.

“Rest peacefully, my cherished companion. Grateful for nearly two years of friendship, my love for you spans this realm and the beyond. Until we reunite, my beloved son KALBAR, rest in peace.”

The video has garnered 2.3 million views at the time of writing.

A few hours afterwards, she shared a heart-wrenching video of her cradling Kalbar, a sight that deeply touched the hearts of numerous netizens.

In the caption of the video, Fatin shared her feelings, “Grateful for every moment, my dear, from your arrival to your departure, I’ve been by your side. Kalbar, you brought joy to countless hearts. I’ll hold onto this memory, a reminder for myself and others, so Kalbar’s spirit remains unforgotten. In the depths of my heart, Kalbar, you’ll reside till my final breath. Farewell, dear Kalbar.”

As word of its departure circulates, the comment sections overflow with expressions of sorrow.

A TikToker commented, “After this, I won’t be able to see Kalbar’s antics anymore. May Fatin find patience and strength.”

“Thank you, Kalbar, for having entertained millions of people in this world. Rest well. Now, Kalbar is no longer in pain.”

This is the moment that pet lovers can’t bear to face when they (pets) are gone forever. It feels very painful.”

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