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Malaysian loan shark’s public apology draws attention after splashing paint on wrong house twice

A loan shark’s Facebook post in gained attention for apologizing openly after mistakenly splashing paint on the wrong house twice in Batu Pahat, Malaysia.

They admitted the mistake, acknowledging distress caused, and offered to clean up and compensate the affected family.



JOHOR BAHRU, MALAYSIA: A recent post shared by a loan shark caught the public’s interest on Facebook due to their open apology after mistakenly splashing paint on the wrong house on two separate occasions.

In the ‘BATU PAHAT’ Facebook group, a loan shark named ‘DK DK’ publicly apologized to a family wrongly targeted by him and his group.

They mistakenly splashed red paint on the wrong house while trying to intimidate a debtor in Batu Pahat.

The post mentioned they vandalized the house twice before recognizing their mistake in identifying the correct address.

Public apology by “DK DK,” and the wrong house splashed with paint on FB post (Pic source: Hype My)

“We mistakenly splashed paint at this address twice as someone in Batu Pahat owed us money and have severely disrupted the family’s lives,” the post read.

They added by saying that “the family made a post on Facebook saying that we had found the wrong person but we failed to notice it. If it were to happen to me, I’d be upset too,” seemingly showing remorse for their action.

Offer to compensate

Later, the loan shark admitted his mistake, acknowledging that his actions had caused great distress to the wronged family.

Additionally, he offered to clean up the mess and compensate the family for their losses as a way to make things right

“It was my ignorance that caused this. As such, I will fix the house as well as apologize to the family and make amends,” the caption read.

Loan sharks, commonly referred to as “Ah Long,” have gained notoriety for relentlessly pursuing individuals who miss their debt repayment deadlines.

They employ tactics of violence and intimidation, including splashing red paint and issuing death threats, to coerce repayment.

This occurrence serves as an example of such situations where they employ the tactic of splashing red paint on a house as a means of issuing a warning or intimidation.

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