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Blaze engulfs Ghim Moh Link unit, prompting hospitalization of two

A fire broke out in a Ghim Moh Link unit on Wednesday (16 Aug), SCDF managed to control the blaze with firefighters from Clementi and Alexandra stations, while around 60 residents were evacuated by the Police.

The incident prompted the conveyance of two individuals to the National University Hospital, one for smoke inhalation and another for minor cuts.



SINGAPORE: A fire erupted on the morning of Wednesday, August 16th, at a unit within Block 28 on Ghim Moh Link. The incident resulted in two individuals being transported to the hospital.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) received the alert about the fire around 7.35 am. Upon their arrival at the 36th-floor unit in Block 28, Ghim Moh Link, firefighters found the entire flat consumed by “raging” flames, according to an SCDF Facebook post.

Upon their arrival, the fire was found to be in full force within the unit situated on the 36th floor. Fortunately, one occupant had already evacuated from the unit prior to SCDF’s intervention.

The blaze had completely taken over the entire unit. The SCDF firefighters from both Clementi Fire Station and Alexandra Fire Station effectively extinguished the fire employing two water jets.

As a precautionary measure, about 60 residents from the affected block were safely evacuated by the Police.

In response to the incident, SCDF conveyed two individuals to the National University Hospital.

One of the individuals had endured smoke inhalation, while the other had sustained minor cuts, prompting their conveyance for precautionary medical attention.

The cause behind the fire remains under active investigation.


Dramatic footage reveals devastating blaze

Online videos and images shared on Facebook displayed the tall residential building being engulfed by fire, with a thick plume of smoke ascending into the sky from its broken windows.

The fire seemingly appears to be causing even the iron window frames on the building to disintegrate.

Fragments of shattered glass, likely remnants of the broken windows, are also scattered on the road beneath the apartment.

shards of broken glass litter the street below the flat (Pic source: GF Pat/Facebook)

As the fire was unfolding this morning, Facebook user GF Pat shared the videos and pictures on his account.

In his caption, he mentioned that the fire originated in the neighboring block from where he was at Ghim Moh Link.

Despite the situation, GF Pat attempted to assist by doing a bit of crowd control in the area.

“I am below a cover way warning off people entering the block,” he said in his post.

It is presumed that two individuals were transported to a hospital, as reported by The Straits Times.

Holland-Bukit Timah GRC MP Christopher de Souza also shared a post about the fire on his Facebook.

In his post, he mentioned that the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) had arrived at the scene.

The video shows two fire trucks stationed by the roadside.

“I am concerned and will be visiting the site to get an update to see how best we can help the families affected,” he said.

Updates on those affected by the fire

Once the fire had been brought under control, Christopher de Souza created another post in which he interacted with the family and neighbors who were impacted by the fire.

He conveyed that everyone was fine, except for a single family member who is in the process of recovering from smoke inhalation.

He also expressed gratitude to the SCDF for their quick response in containing the fire. In his post, he commended their prompt and professional actions, noting that they were diligently working to suppress the unit when he visited.

“(They were) very prompt and professional, working hard at dampening down the unit when I visited,” he said in his post, praising the way SCDF handled the situation.

He concluded his post by stating that he would collaborate closely with HDB to explore ways of aiding the families with alternative housing arrangements as the repair efforts begin.


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