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Single Thai father gains attention online for dressing up as a woman on Mother’s Day for his adopted daughter

A single father gained attention for donning a motherly attire on Mother’s Day to ensure his adopted daughter felt included. His TikTok video, showing their loving interaction, garnered 359,100 views and 33,200 likes.

Nong Cream appreciated her father’s love, expressing gratitude for his care on this special day. Many viewers praised Joe’s dedication, while some suggested reevaluating similar school events to be considerate of children without mothers.



THAILAND: A single father had been making headlines for dressing up as a mother for his adopted daughter on Mother’s Day.

On 11 August, Facebook user Joe Loohkphonbodee took to the social media platform to share what he did for Mother’s Day.

In Thailand, 12 August is celebrated as the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, and the entire country immerses itself in celebrations.

Since the Queen is also regarded as the mother of all Thai people, this day is also observed as ‘Mother’s Day.’

Thai schools hold Mother’s Day ceremonies during which mothers are invited to schools for students to show their respect by offering garlands and performing a wai at their mothers’ feet — an act that demonstrates the utmost sense of gratitude.

Facebook: Joe Lookphonbodee

In the picture shared online, Joe can be seen wearing a wig and a dress.

Additionally, Joe uploaded a heartwarming 28-second video on TikTok, showcasing a delightful exchange with his daughter.

As reported by Bangkok Biz News, Joe, aged 48, holds the position of a physical and health education teacher in Thailand’s Kamphaeng Phet province.

His adopted daughter, Nong Cream, who is currently in Grade 3, is enrolled at the same school.

Joe disclosed that the school frequently arranged events for mother-daughter duos on Mother’s Day.

Consequently, when his daughter inquired about their participation, he made the choice to dress up as her mother for the day, aiming to avert any potential feelings of inferiority in his daughter.

Joe said that he is not ashamed of dressing up as a woman because he loves his daughter.

“We do fun activities together.”

Above all, Joe emphasized his intention to ensure his daughter never felt excluded from the traditional Mother’s Day festivities.

Nong Cream also shared she did not feel embarrassed by Joe’s gesture, but she appreciated it and told her father to do the same for next year’s Mother’s Day.

Nong Cream said, “This year’s Mother’s Day, I want to say I love my father.”

“Thank you, father, for raising me and making me happy,” she added.

Joe’s TikTok is filled with heartwarming comments and had garnered 359,100 views and 33,200 likes since it was uploaded last Friday (11 Aug).


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A TikToker praised Joe for his gesture, “You are awesome.”

A majority of the comments said their interaction is so cute, as the father and daughter hugged each other tightly in the video.

TikTok: Joe Lookphonbodee

Joe also stroked Nong Cream’s head while fixing her hair after the hug.

Some commented that Joe is willing to do anything for his beloved daughter.

A few others believe that the school should stop doing such events as there are some children without mothers.

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