NDP fireworks allegedly leave girl with first-degree facial burn


Girl allegedly suffers first-degree burn on face from NDP fireworks display (Photo: TikTok/rsutopia)

SINGAPORE: During the National Day fireworks spectacle on August 9th, a young girl endured a first-degree burn on her face, casting a shadow over the celebratory event.

The National Day Parade (NDP) in Singapore, an annual commemoration of the nation’s independence, features various festivities, including a vibrant fireworks presentation.

In a TikTok video uploaded on 12 August, the mother of the child, suspecting her daughter was hit by a “fireworks spark,” shared the unsettling incident that unfolded during the event.

The video, posted by the user “rsutopia,” has garnered more than 76.7 thousand views as of August 15th.


We were traumatized and ran around to find a medic. A big event but the medic station is unknown by many. People seem in disbelief hearing my explanation. No other casualties reported .. I hope that no one else was hurt , especially children πŸ’” Take a look around .. what could have hurt my girl other than the firework. It could have been worse as “the firework” hit near her eye . Alhamdulillah it’s didn’t 😭😭😭 #ndp2023 #ndp2023πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ #ndp #firework #sgtiktok #sgfyp #sgnewsπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ #sadday #fireworkshowgonewrong #singaporetiktok #sgtik #trauma #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp

♬ original sound – πƒπ‘π’πšπ‘ π€π¦π¨π«πž πŸ’œ – πƒπ‘π’πšπ‘ π€π¦π¨π«πž πŸ’œ

While the precise location of the video remains unspecified, one of the netizens from the comment recognized this place is in Our Tampines.

Location of the fNDP fireworks display.

One of the five heartland locations where fireworks illuminated the sky on Singapore’s 58th birthday, Our Tampines Hub hosted the unfortunate episode.

Crying out in pain amid the fireworks display

During the fireworks exhibition, the girl, who was recording the event, suddenly cried out in pain. She then turned her face downward, prompting distress among her parents.

Despite standing a considerable distance from the fireworks, which were demarcated as safe, the family’s trauma was evident.

The parents frantically searched for medical assistance and were provided with wet tissues by security personnel. They were then directed to an ambulance stationed nearby.


Medical personnel within the ambulance confirmed the presence of a first-degree burn on the girl’s face.

This type of burn only affects the outermost skin layer, characterized by redness, swelling, tenderness, and pain.

Equipped with a water bottle, gauze, and aloe vera from a nearby pharmacy, the family attended to the girl’s burn.

The girl’s appearance in the video exhibited orange discolouration on her cheeks and a reddish patch above her right eye. Her mother noted that she experienced a “burning sensation” on her skin.


The incident sparked a range of reactions from netizens.

Many offered their sympathies and hopes for a swift recovery.

One user, s****, stated, “Hope your girl and you are doing better.”

Netizens comment on TikTok.

Similarly, user j**** expressed, “Hope she recovers fast. Good luck!”

Netizens comment on TikTok.

However, skepticism also emerged among some netizens who questioned the authenticity of the incident and attributed blame to the video uploader.

User d**** remarked, “Take photos of everything else but the burn.”

Netizens comment on TikTok.

Another user, i******commented, “Want to watch so close then now want to complain.”

Netizens comment on TikTok.

Amid the mixed responses, some netizens suggested safer viewing practices for future events.

User h*** recommended, “Next time, please stay home to watch fireworks.”

Netizens comment on TikTok.

User s**** proposed an elevated viewpoint: “Maybe tell them to put up the fireworks on a higher floor. Watching this kind of thing will have a risk, which is why it’s best to watch it on high ground instead of being on the ground floor.”

Netizens comment on TikTok.
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