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Malaysia Airlines cabin crew praised for expertly managing disruptive passenger incident on Sydney to Kuala Lumpur flight

The cabin crew of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH122 demonstrated remarkable composure in handling a disruptive passenger, earning widespread praise.

Their expert response prioritized passenger safety and contributed to a secure landing, leading to admiration from users across social media platforms.




MALAYSIA: The cabin crew of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH122 have garnered widespread praise from online users due to their composed and professional response in managing an unruly passenger, resulting in the flight’s diversion back to Sydney Airport.

This exceptional conduct was lauded in a post on the Facebook page of the global airline cabin crew community, A Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew Lounge.

They were hailed for their effective prioritization of passenger safety, employing a strategy to contain and divert the attention of the disturbed passenger on board.

“Crew are there for your protection! A job well done to these Malaysia Airlines cabin crew. Today, these brave crew remained calm and professional as they kept their passengers safe while they surrounded and distracted a disturbed passenger,” the page’s statement read.


Social media users enthusiastically shared their admiration for the crew

Betty expressed, “This set of crew has definitely kept everything in control. Thankful to the senior crew who sat down with this madman. All the crew did an amazing job and were able to keep calm and have the flight landed safely.”

Edward also chimed in, affirming that Malaysia Airlines’ crew is among the finest he has encountered.

“I have flown Malaysia in Business Class and the crew are all very professional, courteous and mature. Some of the best around,” he remarked.


Netizen praise the crew on Facebook.

Nettie lauded the crew, saying, “Well done crew . It’s not an easy job on the best day. Good on them and great that the passengers are all ok and the aircraft is on the ground. Great work.”

Ashley emphasized that a cabin crew’s role transcends serving meals, underscoring their comprehensive training to manage any situation on board.

“Well done! Being a crew is not just about serving food on board. We have been trained by a professional trainer to face any circumstance on board,” Ashley’s comment stated.


Netizen praise the crew on Facebook.

On X, account chzaib, one of the passengers, shared these photos of the crew, praising them for their efforts.

“Kuddos to the staff for sitting with this lunatic and listening to his bs and keeping him occupied.”


MH122 cabin crew sitting and listening to the disruptive passenger (Photo: X/chzaib)

Malaysia Airlines flight en route from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur made a mid-air turnaround due to an ’emergency incident’

In a video circulating online, a passenger was observed causing a disruption on the flight, prompting the decision to initiate an emergency landing.

On Monday (14 Aug), a video shared by user @jawadmnazir on X quickly gained traction, revealing a verbal altercation between the disruptive passenger and another individual on board.

Notably, the cabin crew’s composed attempts to engage with the disruptive passenger are also captured in the footage.

Subsequently, the Australian Federal Police issued a statement confirming the apprehension of the disruptive passenger.


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