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S’porean woman offers S$10,000 reward for missing fluffy ‘babies’

In a heartwarming story from Singapore, a woman is offering a S$10,000 reward for the recovery of her cherished toys, lost between August 5 and 7. These toys, including cream-colored rabbits and a hamster, hold a decade of memories. Known as ZZ, she revealed how these toys were like their babies, providing comfort and even acting as peacemakers during disagreements.

The couple scoured various locations, including public transport and malls, but in vain. With hopes to reunite, ZZ’s boyfriend decided on the significant reward, urging genuine help. ZZ emphasizes that it’s no scam.



SINGAPORE: Just as the saying goes, ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,’ a woman in Singapore has recently shared that she is offering a S$10,000 reward to whoever finds her missing plushies.

According to a woman who would like to be called ZZ, she has been keeping the plushies for 10 years.

It was reported that she lost three of them, a big cream-coloured rabbit, a smaller white rabbit, and a small cream-coloured hamster in a red strawberry pouch.

Facebook: ZZ

She also mentioned she lost them sometime between 5 Aug and 7 Aug.

Several areas where she might have lost the plushies are such as buses 165, 157, 25, 112, 14, and 238, the Hougang bus interchange, the bus stop outside the Japanese Association, and the bus stop after Ang Mo Kio MRT station exit A.

Additional potential places comprise The Venue Shoppes, Somerset 313, The Orchard Gateway, Suntec City, and Toa Payoh Hub.

Talking to Mothership, the woman shared that the plushies are special to her and her boyfriend, almost like their babies.

ZZ also mentioned they had kept them for more than 10 years and took them everywhere they went.

Facebook: ZZ

“The bigger rabbit is like our daughter,” she said and it would help distract and calm the couple whenever they had an argument.

“[And] whenever I’m feeling down or having a cold war with my boyfriend, the rabbit is there to give me comfort,” said ZZ.

She also mentioned that both of them were deeply saddened and could not carry on with their usual daily activities when the plushies went missing.

The couple had been searching for their ‘babies’ at MRT stations, bus interchanges, and even shopping malls but their attempts have yielded no results.

Her boyfriend then decided to offer a substantial reward that will encourage people to assist and join the search.

Redditors have mixed reaction regarding the missing plushies

The news about the couple’s missing ‘babies’ has also reached Redditors.

Under the Reddit post, a lot of comments expressed their empathy toward the couple and wishes that they will be able to retrieve the plushies.

A Redditor commented that the couple reminds them of Yuzuru Hanyu and his love for Winnie The Pooh.

A few others recalled seeing similar plushies dropped at public transit places being posted online.

Another Redditor seems to be in awe of the couple for offering a huge amount of money for their missing plushies while quoting humorously that their mother would not even pay that much to get them back.

There are also others who were skeptical about how she managed to lose her precious items.

ZZ also clarifies that it was not a scam tactic and that those who manage to locate the plushies, they can contact ZZ and her boyfriend at [email protected], together with photo proof.

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